Increase Revenue by Developing Olympian-Caliber Coaches

Watch this webinar to learn the four keys to coaching competency, the traits of a good coach, and how a good coach can create behavior change.

We all know the difference great coaching can make in sports and in business. Every two years, the Olympic Games give us glimpses into legendary sports coaches who help their athletes achieve peak performance. Consider how Michael Phelps relies on his long-time coach, Bob Bowman, to become the most decorated Olympian in history.

Coaching can make the same difference in business: studies show sales coaching programs can increase revenue nearly 20%. 

Unfortunately, not all managers have the skillset to become effective coaches.

Watch this complimentary webinar, featuring ValueSelling Associates, to learn how to train your senior leaders and managers to become Olympian-caliber coaches. 

Julie Thomas, President and CEO of ValueSelling Associates, dove into a case study of the sales organization to share:

  • How a good coach can create behavior change
  • Four keys to coaching competency
  • The traits of a good coach
  • How coaching is different than managing
  • Two different types of feedback models and how they apply to coaching

Watch now!


About Our Speaker: Julie Thomas, CEO and President, ValueSelling Associates

Julie Thomas, President and CEO of ValueSelling Associates, is a noted speaker, author and consultant. In a career spanning more than 24 years, she credits her mastery of the ValueSelling Framework® for her own meteoric rise through the ranks of sales, sales management and corporate leadership positions.

Thomas began her career at Gartner Group. In 1999, she became Vice President of Gartner’s Sales Training for the Americas. Her role included the successful onboarding of new sales hires and driving adoption of the ValueSelling Framework®. She has extensive experience applying, coaching and reinforcing the ValueSelling Framework®, ValueSelling Essentials® and their application by sales executives, sales managers and sales leadership.

In 2003, Thomas acquired ValueSelling Associates as Chief Executive Officer and President. Thomas led the company to become an industry leader in competency and process-based training for escalating sales performance in business to business sales organizations around the world.

Thomas continues to work directly with clients and sales organizations in a wide variety of industries. She is responsible for the global expansion of ValueSelling
Associates and its leadership position in both on-demand, instructor-led and hybrid (blended) learning solutions.

Because of Thomas’ leadership, ValueSelling Associates has been recognized by both Selling Power Top Twenty Sales Training Companies and as a leader in the sales training industry.

Thomas is the author of ValueSelling: Driving Sales Up One Conversation at a Time. She is a sought-after speaker. In addition, Thomas is on the advisory board of the eWomenNetwork Foundation Advisory Council, and involved heavily in local charities in the San Diego region.

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