4 Mimeo Digital Features that Complement Your Virtual Training

Training services firms struggle to deliver engaging content to support their virtual training programs. Here’s how Mimeo Digital makes your training content look good.

Published on 21 November, 2022 | Last modified on 5 July, 2023
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Whether you facilitate custom leadership development, specialized courses for association members, or product training for new customers, it is more important than ever to include virtual training in your offerings. The world keeps shifting, and learners along with it, so you can no longer count on learners to show up for in-classroom training. It’s no wonder that Cindy Hugget’s survey on the State of Virtual Training shows 62% of respondents offer hybrid classes (or plan to) as of the start of 2022. 

Current State of Virtual Training

The State of Virtual Training also reveals some major gaps between the expectation of what virtual training could be and the reality of what it is. While Hugget recommends virtual training be shorter than classroom sessions, the average synchronous virtual class is 60 minutes long, with a full 29% of respondents reporting their virtual training is over 2 hours long on average. In another study, the Ken Blanchard company reports that 53% of learning and development professionals are unhappy with their virtual offerings, with one respondent saying:

“Active participation during class and attendance overall is down. People say they will just watch them later.” (L&D In a Hybrid World, 2022)

Virtual Content Challenges

With those challenges in mind, it is harder than ever to make sure your learners engage with your content. It’s not enough to convert your in-person slideshow into an on-demand webinar. In-person training is rich with printed training manuals, worksheets, breakout sessions, video breaks, and hands-on learning. For many training services firms, in-person classroom training also showcases the heart of their brand with high-quality physical materials that match the caliber of the learning you deliver. 

When it comes to virtual classrooms or on-demand learning, it can be hard to deliver digital content in a way that reflects your training brand. Unlike in-house learning and development teams, you have to protect your workbooks, videos, podcasts, and other proprietary content from being shared beyond licensed users. Meanwhile, your learners are paying customers, which means you have to deliver high-end content to reflect the investment they are making in your services. 

We created Mimeo Digital, the world’s first courseware distribution platform, with those specific challenges in mind. Training firms, associations, and customer training teams all count on us to help them deliver high-end content in a sleek app that also secures their text, audio, visual, and multimedia content from being pirated. 

Here’s how Mimeo Digital makes your virtual content look good:

Mobile-Friendly Virtual Content

When delivering virtual training, you have to assume your learner is juggling to keep up with all the resources you throw their way. First, they need a main screen to join your video conference or watch your e-learning module. They need a second screen to open your virtual workbook or load the accompanying podcast. For some, that might be easy in their home office setup. For others, they might have only a phone or tablet available as the second screen.

That’s why we designed the Mimeo Digital learner app to be completely device agnostic. It works on any web browser on computers, or as a mobile app on smartphones and tablets. 

To make it even more of a win for you, you don’t have to do any extra design or coding in content creation apps to prepare your content for the mobile experience. All you have to do is upload it to the Mimeo Digital admin library. From there, our system optimizes it for a responsive user experience.

Offline Content 

In addition to juggling screens, your virtual learners are likely also battling for wifi bandwidth. The last thing you want is to lose a learner from the virtual classroom because their internet connection has overloaded trying to access the course workbook at the same time. 

That’s why we implemented the “offline” feature. With your permission, learners can make content available offline within the Mimeo Digital app. This is just like making a Spotify playlist available offline or downloading a Netflix movie for a flight. Your learner will be able to access the content without an internet connection, but they won’t be able to download the file and share it with anyone else. 

Branded Digital Content Library

When your learners attend an in-classroom training experience, you likely provide them with material showcasing your logo and brand colors. Not only is it good marketing, but it also helps keep the course cohesive. 

Digital content becomes more fractured if not distributed in a good ecosystem. The Mimeo Digital learner library keeps all your course materials in one place that is branded with your course logo, with banners and buttons featuring your brand colors. 

That way, your learners always know they are logging into the right place for the right content. Oh, and they might remember the name of the awesome training provider even after the course is finished. 

Silent Document Security

The training you deliver is your firm’s intellectual property, and you have every right to protect it from piracy. Constantly nagging your learners not to share your content, however, can come off the wrong way.

In Mimeo Digital, you have a full suite of security controls to protect your content without ever bringing it up to your learners. For example, you can set automatic expiration dates so that the material disappears from the learner’s library after their course license ends. If a learner drops out of the course, you can revoke the content from their library without communication with them. You can also add watermarks to guard against screenshots. 

All of these features add up to delivering the digital content your learners expect without the headache of worrying they will forward it to their colleagues rather than pay for the appropriate licenses.

Glow-Up Your Virtual Training Content

Delivering high-end, engaging virtual training that reflects the value of your brand is difficult. Matching it with digital content without worrying that learners will pirate your material is an added headache. When you distribute your digital content with Mimeo Digital, you can rest easy knowing your learner is getting a modern experience that protects your intellectual property.

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