How to Fix Anti-Harassment Training

In this session, our speakers will share research behind why our anti-harassment training isn’t working now and what can be done differently.

It has been a year since the #MeToo movement brought sexual harassment in the workplace into national discussion, and those of us in HR and L&D know that harassment of all kinds remains a major challenge for organizations.

Clearly, the ten-year-old anti-harassment video just isn’t cutting it, and contemporary efforts aren’t driving the change we need. How can you create effective anti-harassment training that not only meets your legal requirements, but will create a positive and emotionally intelligent culture within your company?

In this 1-hour webinar, Austin Welch and Richard Fleming from Sage Academy shared the research behind why our training isn’t working now and what can be done differently.

By watching, you’ll learn:

  • The cognitive and neuroscience of why anti-harassment hasn’t been effective for behavior modification
  • Research into what can be done to rectify the problem
  • Techniques that you can use immediately to create more effective anti-harassment training

Watch now!


About Our Speakers

Austin Welch

Austin Welch is Co-Founder and Producer at Sage Academy. His learning films have earned three Brandon Hall Award’s and he has spoken about the emerging role of media and learning at ATD International and TEDx. As a Kirkpatrick Certified Professional, Austin is always looking for ways to create emotionally intelligent training films that lead to measurable behavior change.

Richard Fleming

Richard Fleming is the Co-Founder and Director at Sage Academy. With an extensive background marketing for companies like Microsoft, GP Strategies, and Hershey, Richard is no stranger to using stories to drive predictable emotional responses that elicit measurable behavior change. He now uses his superpowers for good, helping to transform the lives of employees.

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