Content accessible in any format, on any device.

Mimeo Digital Allows Collaboration from Multiple Devices at once.

Create a Simple Learner Experience


Empower your learners to easily access and engage with a variety of content.

Secure Computer Uploading Content to the Mimeo Digital Cloud

Complete Content Security


Instantly add/revoke access, permissions, sharing capabilities, and even set restrictions.

Tracking Results of Mimeo Digital Usage with API

Measure Content Engagement


Understand how learners are engaging with your content, its effectiveness, and demonstrate ROI through analytics and reporting.

Mimeo Digital Collaboration Tools

Enable Audience Collaboration


Users can engage with content, other learners, and administrators using a variety of collaboration tools.

Mimeo Digital Accepts Video, Read-Only, and Editable Document files.

Deliver Multiple Types of Content


Host, distribute, and update content including videos, documents, and read-only files.

Mimeo Digital Platform Available on All Device Types

Full Accessibility


Users can access and engage with content on any device, from anywhere – even when offline.

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How Jonathan Halls Flipped the Classroom with Mimeo Digital


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Mimeo Digital Features

Our learning app is a toolkit for L&D professionals. Additional features include:



Unlimited Files/Documents

Unlimited Distribution


Update Content

Deactivate Keys

Revoke Content




Unlimited Number



Unlimited Number



Unlimited Number

Basic Reporting


Engagement Reporting




App (Add-on)


Administrative Support


Dedicated Rep

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