Mimeo Shares 5th State of Learning & Development Report

The report has revealed trends including the rise of self-paced virtual training, use of the Learning Management System (LMS), and lean mentality.

New York, NY – Mimeo, the global provider of online managed print and content distribution, is proud to release their fifth annual State of Learning and Development report.

The report, produced in partnership with Challenger, surveyed over 200 learning and development professionals on the state of corporate training in North America.

The survey included questions on how training teams are structured, what kind of training they provide, and the technology that training teams actually use. Over the past five years, the report has revealed trends including the rise of self-paced virtual training, the continued use of the Learning Management System (LMS), and the lean, mean mentality of small training teams. This year, the report includes a look at how COVID-19 has impacted corporate training. 

In addition to an overall review of the survey results, the State of Learning and Development 2020 report dives into the trends affecting sales trainers. It also includes editorial articles from Michelle Vidensek (Google), Betty Dannewitz (ifyouaskbetty), and Brian Washburn (Endurance Learning).

“The State of Learning and Development report is part of our sustained efforts to provide thoughtful resources to the corporate training and talent development community,” said Mike Barker, General Manager of Mimeo. “As a vendor to hundreds of training teams, we are proud to count ourselves a small part of the L&D community.”

Read the full report on the current state of corporate learning and what your team needs to know here: https://www.mimeo.com/state-of-ld-2020-report/

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About Challenger

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