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“When we previously ordered materials from separate locations, everything looked different; our brand was all over the place. That’s why we kicked off the search for a new partner. We weren’t able to rely on consistency and quality in critical settings like trade shows.”

Med Device Manufacturer Marketing Communications Department


With sales teams in 20+ countries and global tradeshows, a global Medical Device Manufacturer needed a better way to manage the supporting print and fulfillment of their customer-facing materials.

The Marketing department is responsible for printing and distributing materials to international sales reps, regional marketers, and direct customers. As the company expanded globally, printed documents were ordered in bulk and stockpiled at regional offices. As a result, a quarter of their sales and marketing collateral became obsolete each year.

• Maintaining version control of international documents
• Waste & Obsolescence from bulk ordering
• Managing the complexities of supporting a global business
• Inability to scale with growing workforce
• Juggling multiple, inconsistent vendor relationships


With Mimeo PrintX’s online library, only the most up-to-date sales and marketing documents are produced and distributed on-demand. The Marketing team has increased their global business presence with PrintX’s reliable, fast, and consistent workflow.


• Annual Savings in excess of $50,000 a year in hard costs alone
• Efficiently leveraging POD
• No bulk orders, and no warehousing
• Consistent global quality of materials
• Elimination of customs issues through in-region production


The legacy process was manual and cumbersome. After switching to Mimeo PrintX, the Marketing team gained back 10-12 business days worth of employee time.

“We were easily able to pilot Mimeo PrintX and derive a cost savings analysis that demonstrated significant ROI. We then scaled it through a global implementation of PrintX.”

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