Case Study - Mathworks

MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists. To make sure the company’s customers are successful with its products, MathWorks offers post-sale training that includes instructor-led classes, supplemental materials, and some self-paced learning. All parts of this training are essential to its customer success strategy.

Mathworks Case Study (Mimeo Digital)

With Mimeo Digital, MathWorks has been able to offer a better experience for its learners while simplifying life for its administrators.

Before the global COVID-19 pandemic, MathWorks offered primarily in-person instructor-led training (ILT) with physical course materials shipped to classrooms. With the onset of the pandemic, the company switched to virtual ILT classrooms. Since shipping workbooks to individual residences around the globe was a logistical nightmare and cost-prohibitive, it also needed to find a new content distribution solution.

An Onerous Process

At the time, the company relied on a third-party partner to share PDFs to its learners. However, this solution was too onerous to keep up with customer demand. The MathWorks Administration Team had to email their third-party partner with files and a spreadsheet of learners, then had to wait multiple days for confirmation that the partner had sent the files. Considering each team member sets up thirty classes per week, that created a huge bottleneck between MathWorks and its customers’ success.

Worse, the vendor did not support multi-character PDFs, meaning that MathWorks could not deliver PDFs to its Japanese, South Korean, or Chinese customers.


The MathWorks Training Operations team went on the hunt for a new solution that would make it easier to share content to learners without risking the security of their intellectual property. After piloting several options, including learning management systems, they selected Mimeo Digital as their courseware distribution platform (CDP).

With Mimeo Digital, MathWorks has been able to offer a better experience for its learners while simplifying life for its administrators.

More Customers Supported

With Mimeo Digital, MathWorks can now deliver content to all its customers, not just the learners in single-character PDF regions. Moreover, the company’s learners access content on the Mimeo Digital app, where a 24/7 customer support team is just a chat away to support learners. That means that the training team is confident that their files are making it to their learners, and that should any issues arise, Mimeo Digital is there to respond.

Easier on the Admins

With Mimeo Digital, MathWorks administrators upload files to their library, then assign the content to learners directly from Salesforce using the Mimeo Digital API. This process saves at least 40% on set-up time compared to their old process; a time savings that adds up fast when each coordinator organizes thirty classes per week. On top of that, when the Content Development team updates the course materials, the administrators can refresh the material in a matter of clicks, rather than sending new files and a complicated spreadsheet to a vendor.


Secure Training Content

MathWorks recognizes that its training content is part of its intellectual property, so the company is committed to protecting it from piracy. With Mimeo Digital, MathWorks teams add watermarks to each learner’s PDFs, set expiration dates a year after the class start date, and distribute directly to the learner’s email address. That way, they can rest easy knowing their customers – and no one else – have access to their content.

After switching to Mimeo Digital, the Training Operations team is able to support more customers with a better learning experience, all while saving their administrators time and effort.

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