Why Mimeo Hosts Webinars

Since 2016, Mimeo has hosted dozens of webinars. Here’s the answer to why we run this free program for training professionals.

Published on 26 October, 2018 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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In 2016, Mimeo hosted our very first webinar: How to Deliver Valuable E-Content (and Avoid Shiny New Toy Syndrome). Since then, we have produced over 25 webinars – all of which are free, open to the public, and focused on best practices for the Learning and Development community.

As we developed our webinars, one question we heard was: why put the time and resources behind a free program? After all, the webinars aren’t about how or why to use Mimeo. Trainers even pay money to attend similar sessions from organizations like ATD.

When you log into your Mimeo account, it’s easy to see us as simply a printer. But in reality, we are a community of trainers. Ever since our website opened for orders in 2000, our production facility has been filled with training materials. That first webinar of ours? It featured Lou Russell, who has been a Mimeo customer since 2002.

In reality, we are a community of trainers.

That means that our product has grown up with trainers. Working with large corporations like Kindred Healthcare, we launched custom storefronts for simplified ordering. With training teams at companies like Apple Gold Group, we figured out how to simplify binders and bar newsletters for the franchise model. And as exemplified by our partnership with Richardson, we have grown with the training industry from a print-only world into a complex, blended environment.

The side benefit is that we hear from our customers every day about interesting and innovative ways they get their training done. That is what motivated us to start the webinar program: to connect our customers to our larger community so everyone can learn from each other.


Over the course of 25 webinars, we have been able to cover a lot of interesting topics. Long-time user Jessica Coburn shared her personal case study of starting to demonstrate the ROI on her training. Author and TedX speaker Don Rheem of E3 Solutions shared his research on neuroscience and employee engagement, while ValueSelling Associates CEO Julie Thomas talked about how to start a coaching program.

And through it all, we keep learning about what the training industry needs from Mimeo in order to bring your content to life.

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