Why Locations Impact Cloud-Based Printing

Location is key to operations and organizational growth, but what does it have to do with printing? Learn why locations impact cloud-based printing.

Published on 2 April, 2015 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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Whether you’re in real estate, retail or business, you’ve likely adopted three words as your mantra:  “Location, location, location.”

OK, that might be one word repeated three times, but really, it just stresses the importance of the phrase.

Location is critical to the success of operations and organizational growth. You need space for equipment, products and services, as well as a site that is convenient to access. After all, sales depend on inventory, and consumers like things that are simple and safe. So, why are you still taking up precious real estate with on-site printers, or driving all over town wasting time and gas when you could have printed material easily delivered to you?

The fact that many retailers and service providers are turning to cloud-based printing services for their marketing materials should come as no surprise to business owners. BizTech Magazine reported that the global market for managed printing service reached $25.5 billion in 2014. Randy Dazo, a senior analyst at InfoTrends, told the source that mid-sized companies are the fastest growing segment, but the value of cloud printing services is seen by businesses of all sizes.

“The market for managed printing services reached $25.5 billion in 2014.”

The reason why so many have made the switch is – you’ve guessed it – convenience . Employers don’t need to send staff members to the local print shop, service providers such as Mimeo can deliver printed materials anywhere around the country within one business day, and employees can access documents and content from the office or home via e-content marketplaces.

No more trips to the printer

Gas prices nowadays are as unpredictable as HBO’s Game of Thrones – unless you’ve read the books. According to AAA, Californians paid around $3.37 per gallon for regular unleaded as of March 16, 2015, while the national average landed around $2.42 per gallon. That might not seem crazy, but those prices are what followed a 40-day period when the cost of gasoline kept rising. In an economy that praises consistent budgeting, transportation is a nightmare. So, forget the need to travel all together and have marketing content and business documents delivered to the office.

Speedy delivery

Cloud-based printing services like Mimeo pride themselves on their strategic printing locations. With a headquarters in New York City and three print facilities around the world – Memphis, TN; Berlin, Germany; and Cambridgeshire, U.K. – Mimeo is right next to major shipping hubs. This means that orders can go from the printing press to their destinations in mere hours,eliminating the need to spend half a day at a local copy shop.

Next time your office needs to print documents, fliers, posters or anything that will help improve the company as a whole, it makes sense to think about location. Then, the answer will be clear that your managed printing service’s website is the only place to go.


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