4 Tips to Make Your Sales Team Mobile

Looking to mobilize your salesforce but not sure where to start? Here are 4 considerations for any organization looking to mobilize their salesforce.

Published on 10 November, 2016 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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A sales team’s efficiency is measured by the amount of business it closes as well as the new opportunities it identifies and the goodwill it generates. There are many avenues for technology that enables reps to reach customers and work with them on solutions. The question is how much can your reps do on the go? What kind of work do you want them to be able to do by pushing a few buttons while en route? Now consider what you do not want to make accessible on a mobile device. You may want to limit what reps can do because you think some tasks deserve access to a full-size keyboard and other tools or in-person contact with office staff and resources. For any organization looking to mobilize their salesforce, here are 4 considerations.

Provide Instant Access to Directories and Customer Information

Creating informational databases that reps can access and update is crucial to allowing them to make more calls and send more messages. Armed with ideal customer profiles, phone numbers and emails, reps are better informed as to what they should be selling and each customer’s particular needs. Reps need to be able to reach and meet the needs of customers across different time zones and despite packed schedules.

Create Responsive Content on Social Media

Reps can be responsive to changes in the market and garner media attention by creating and posting innovative content on social media. Most social media apps are mobile-friendly. Yet some posts published on social media are extremely important to a company’s image. This content can be reviewed and approved internally before publication with the mobile versions of secure platforms like Basecamp or Dropbox. It can be difficult to create and view specialized content such as digital artwork and videos with mobile devices. The question for your management is what level of authority and responsibility you want to give sales reps for social media content.

Develop Just-in-Time Coaching

Just-in-time coaching allows you to prepare reps for situations that are new to them. The coaching can instantly catch a rep up to speed on a new service or product the company offers or how to approach a particular type of customer. Just-in-time coaching is invaluable when a rep has not been previously trained but is the only person available to address a customer. Just-in-time coaching can help you increase sales and make a good impression on customers. Your goal is to showcase that your company is approachable and caring, as well as informed about all the options that are currently available.

Centralize Print and Distribution of Sales Rep Materials

Printed, well-produced sales and marketing materials are a must for certain types of sales, particularly in-person pitches. Printed materials take people away from the distractions of a mobile device. They offer an effective medium to get your message across without digital noise. They’re also fit to size, large for presentations and displays, or small for content that belongs in a more condensed format, like brochures. Printed materials can meet your needs where digital solutions cannot.

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