The Prework Guide for Trainers is Here

Trainers need prework to ensure the success of your learners. Read this prework training guide can help you improve their learning experience.

Published on 14 January, 2020 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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As a trainer, you need prework to ensure the success of your learners. Not only can it lead to improved learner retention and buy-in, but it can also get your learners ready to learn before they even arrive to class.

In our new guide, we talk to leading experts about how prework has helped improve their training processes and what they use it for. To boot, we show you how you can start creating your own prework and reap its benefits.

Here is a preview of what you can expect:

What is prework?

Prework is any learning activity done in preparation for training activities. For trainers, it serves as a perfect tool for igniting their curiosity on a topic before showing up to their training class.

By distributing assignments that educate learners before class, trainers are creating a more effective learning environment. This environment encourages learners to get into the right mindset for learning.

What does it look like?

In our guide, we pose this question to several Learning and Development (L&D) experts to see how they use prework in their daily activities.

According to Lou Russell, Managing Practice Director, “We try to assign interactive activities, like puzzles, stories, and fill in the blanks, so they are already thinking about the topic. If they do their pre-work, then it helps jumpstart the class.”

Some methods of prework include:

  • Flipping the classroom
  • Short learning bursts (microlearning)
  • Reading assignments

Although it comes in many forms, all prework contains vital information that educates learners before they walk into class. This information is easy-to-digest and gets learners excited to learn more about a topic.

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Why is prework worth the time?

Prework is worth your time and effort because it provides a chance to get your learners into the right mindset before class. By assigning them work prior to your training, they are able to arrive focused and prepared to learn upon completion of their assignment.

It also increases the likelihood of learners investing in your material from the get-go. Once you’ve gotten their buy-in, you’ve successfully generated a sense of curiosity amongst your learners that gets them excited to learn.

Finally, you will improve your learner retention.

According to Brian Washburn, Co-founder and CEO of Endurance Learning, “Reading articles, case studies or other information in advance can help with retention as it provides an opportunity for the learning to be ‘spaced’ and concept from the pre-work can be reinforced during the session.”

Helping your learners prepare to learn before class improves their overall learning experience. By creating a better experience, you will help learners retain information to ensure success in their professional careers.

Want to create prework for your class? Check out our new guide today and see how.

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