Why Cloud-Based Printing Services Save You Money

Businesses eliminate up to 30 percent of their printing costs by working with cloud services, but how exactly do those savings manifest?

Published on 30 June, 2015 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
save money with printing on-demand

The cloud has revolutionized the way that organizations conduct business. Spreading quickly throughout the corporate world, companies started to rapidly implement cloud services as though they assumed the industry would eventually run out of solutions. The good news is that there is enough cloud for everyone, and as more organizations adopt cloud-based platforms and leverage Web-based tools, one benefit stands out from the rest: cost-efficiency.

The same concept is applied to printing marketing materials and training documents with cloud-based printing services, sometimes known as managed print services. These solutions, much like  cloud computing counterparts, reduce the need to procure and deploy hardware and software. It also cuts back on the number of IT professionals and gives more employees access to cutting-edge technology. All of those factors contribute to the cost-effective nature of managed print services.

“Businesses save 30% of their annual printing costs with managed print services.”

In fact, BizTech Magazine cited research conducted by the International Data Corporation, finding that businesses eliminate up to 30 percent of their annual printing costs by outsourcing printing to a managed print service. So, it’s clear that cloud-based printing platforms are a valuable component to any business’s arsenal, especially those in competitive industries where every dollar counts.

But where exactly do those savings come from? You’ll need to answer this question to see why managed print services are perfect for your company.

Stop buying
Forget the hardware. Stop buying inkjets and quit purchasing the networking supplies that make printing possible for employees. With a cloud-based printing platform, you never need to purchase another expensive printer that  prints in low quality and frequently breaks down. While you’re at it, stop dedicating IT budgets to maintaining printers, software that supports them and the resources to keep documents churning out.

Productivity gains means more money
Time saved is a dollar earned, especially when employees are on the clock. Business Solutions Magazine reported that most businesses start using managed print services to reduce print costs, but the “real value” of these printing solutions stems from their ability to improve productivity by cutting down on the amount of  processes it takes to print in office.

“IT organizations just need printers to work,” Geoff Moore, vice president of IT for ValMark Securities, told BizTech Magazine. “Even if they could find a way to save a few pennies by managing them in-house, that doesn’t come close to the value they add by using their time to brainstorm with business leaders, create new software and find new ways to leverage technology.”

The cost of toner alone is enough to sink an IT budgetThe cost of toner alone is enough to sink an IT budget.

Stop doubling up on printing
According to Moore, organizations have “no clue” what they spend on printing, and therefore, they have no idea how much money they are wasting every day. Between printing too many copies of documents that are only used once and creating files only to wastefully meet the monthly document quota required by printer lease contracts, you can keep a lot of revenue in your pockets with a cloud-based printing platform. These solutions allow users to track and identify who is printing what and in what quantities.

The best managed print services have no maximum or minimums of printing materials, ensuring that you always have exactly what you need.

Collaborate and save
How many times have you printed a document only to find an error on the first page? Or maybe you print new designs and your manager always wants the smallest change? These occurrences happen far too often, and it is a huge waste of paper, let alone money. With managed print services, you have the ability to upload and share files, design docs or anything that you might need, ensuring that everyone can look over materials and resources before sending files to the printer. This alone could save you thousands, but it also can create more productive employees, as they can collaborate with the push of a button instead printing documents and passing them out.

If you’re still printing in-house, you’re wasting money. Whatever your needs, cloud-based printing platforms can meet them, all while cutting costs by up to 30 percent.

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