Celebrating Mimeo’s Customer Service Specialists

When you trust a printer with your business documents, you need a partner who will see your project through to the end. Here’s what our customers say.

Published on 14 March, 2019 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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Whether you’re printing a simple spiral notebook or a complex kit of binders, SWAG, and event materials, your order is a sum of all the hard work you’ve put into your project. That’s why it is essential your printer is more than a vendor. We’re your partner.

At Mimeo, we take customer service seriously. Not only do we have frontline representatives on the phone, email, and chat to answer your questions in the moment, we also have a dedicated support team to proactively make your printing experience easier. In fact, in the last six months, we’ve increased our customer service team by 20%.

We asked our customers to nominate their Customer Service Specialists for a free lunch in our Memphis office. (Memphis has amazing barbecue. The team was treated to pulled pork, pulled chicken, ribs, potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, rolls, and banana pudding from One and Only BBQ).

Here are some of the stories customers shared:

LaTonya Carson

She has been an important customer service partner for our non-profit. She effectively worked with us to make sure that our patient and healthcare materials were published, packaged and delivered to meet our needs. She worked closely with us to problem solve and explore alternative options for these materials and bundles and always did so with kindness and compassion. She is a real asset to the Mimeo team.”

Anthony Coley

Anthony C Mimeo Customer Service

“Anthony followed up on an email request from me while I was out sick. He emailed the file that I needed to complete a task for my boss.”

Derrick Hansen 

“Derrick goes out of his way to make sure our files are set up correctly. If I need help with a document, he takes care of it for me. I can trust him to do everything needed to make sure our orders are perfect. He understands my concerns and my fears and works so hard to make sure they are taken care of.”

LyNishea Jones

LyNishea Mimeo Customer Service

“LyNishea was patient with me when I was having difficulty sending my files multiple times for an offset printing project. In the midst of crossed emails and file transfers, she made sure the correct and final files were used.”

Isaiah May

Isaiah Mimeo Customer Service

“He was very helpful with my request and response time was quick as well”

Jeremiah Mills

“Jeremiah saves our lives every day! He constantly and consistently is available to help us, even getting ahead and anticipating our needs. Jeremiah manages to keep track of all of our documents, and makes it look easy! He always has a great attitude and we love our experiences working together. Honestly, without Jeremiah my job would be twice as hard.”

Dimecia Ruffin

“We had a huge company wide training initiative that involved bundling training kits and coordinated packages to arrive across 34 regions on varying days with various attendees at each. Dimecia made helped us to ensure the bundles were made correctly for each meeting and to follow-up for delivery due to weather issues.”

Bo Trevathan

Bo Mimeo Customer Service

“Bo has been one of the best client focused representatives I’ve encountered in my professional and personal life. He is fast with getting responses and resolutions, always happy, and even stayed late to finish resolving an issue I had one day a few years ago! He is the epitome of going above and beyond!”

Kevin Tucker

Kevin Mimeo Customer Service

“Kevin has been an awesome partner to work with over the past several years. He’s always on top of things and extremely responsive through both email and phone. He is really helpful in helping me solve problems and offering solutions to make it work within Mimeo’s capabilities. From adding a slew of special instructions in the portal to accommodate our unique project sizes to adding a gazillion Projects/Cost Centers to appease our accounting team, I can always count on Kevin to make sure we’re getting the most out of your service.”

Phil Williams

Phil Mimeo Customer Service“Phil walked me through my first Mimeo RFP project and was kind, patient and positive. He spent a lot of time getting me acquainted with the process and the ins and outs of how to submit a project for printing.”

Trey Young

Trey is awesome. Whenever we need his help with a build, here’s there for us. On top of that, he’s super efficient, completely professional, and he has the patience of Job when working on large-scale and complex printing projects that we often toss his way.”

Thank you to all our customers for trusting us with your projects! We know your business documents represent your creativity, sweat, and reputation. Our team is always happy to be a part of your journey!

Mimeo Customer Service

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