How Mimeo Online Printing Offers Customer-Centric Experience

Customer-centric selling isn’t the belief that the customer is always right; it’s creating an experience that’s tailored to your customers’ buying journey from start to finish.

Published on 4 January, 2019 | Last modified on 2 March, 2023
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Customer-centric selling isn’t the belief that the customer is always right; it’s creating an experience that’s tailored to your customers’ buying journey from start to finish.

In our 20 years of being a company, we at Mimeo have perfected our customer-centric business strategy. From the initial buying stages to completing a sale, here’s how Mimeo applies our customer-centric approach:

1. Your messaging creates the experience.

From the get-go, the message that marketing creates is the experience that your customers will expect to have with your company. Don’t waste this important first opportunity to foster loyalty.

The best way to utilize your marketing team wisely is through an omnichannel experience that not only doesn’t alienate anyone, but also has multiple “touches” that keep the conversation flowing and your company at the top of their minds.

Touches are additional emails in a campaign and/or opportunities for customers to reply to for follow-up by a sales rep.

Alignment between sales and marketing is more important than ever in a customer-centric company. They must work together to create this foundation.

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2. Your content builds trust.

The job of your content is to “inform, help, [and] then sell.” Creating a customer-centric experience means that your content should serve these purposes. For example, our Mimeo Help Center contains hundreds of help articles that explain new features and include GIFs of how to use our applications. We also have a videos page that serves a similar purpose. Our blog, on the other hand, has a plethora of information that is relevant to the various buyer personas we service.

Both of these content resources come together to create a complete experience for our customers that continues long after they’ve purchased a product. Not to mention that having content helps humanize and build trust with your company.

Done right, prospects will interact with what you post and promote and have a longer lifetime value.

3. Customer service drives profits.

Customer service teams should be doing more than putting out fires, they’re an important contact to prevent customer churn and encourage word-of-mouth sales.

Teams that keep in contact with customers prevent churn. Customers have an avenue they can raise concerns through. Missing a feature that they feel is integral to running their business? Knowing this helps you follow-up with the customer with ways to prevent losing their business.

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Mimeo’s Customer-Centric Approach:

Everything from our messaging (Bring Your Content to Life) to our new features are based on a customer-centric approach.

At the conclusion of each order that customers place, we invite them to provide feedback about the experience. This feedback, along with ongoing communications through marketing and sales, is sent to employees for further follow-up. This directly influences the features that we release.

This coming New Year is no different. We’ve released a variety of features, many which were directly requested by our customers.

Our newest Pink Paper, for example, was requested by a long-time customer of ours. After discussion with our manufacturing and development teams, we added in the option to print your content on Pink Paper. Another added feature is our Marketplace Sort Order. This updates our Marketplace customers’ interface and allows the admin to control the order in which products will appear.

From physical changes to changes to how our website runs, everything that we do is based on the customer feedback that we get either after they place an order or through communication with their dedicated account reps. We want to create long-lasting partnerships with our customers, and we achieve that through our customer-centric approach.

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