4 Overnight Print Emergencies (and How Mimeo Solves Them)

Have you ever been caught up in a print emergency? Here are four of the most common overnight print emergencies and how Mimeo helps.

Published on 12 August, 2021 | Last modified on 6 April, 2023
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Picture this: your bag is packed, your desk is clean, and your computer is in the midst of shutting down when you get an urgent call from your manager. They have a print emergency, and you can’t leave the office until it is solved.

Overnight printing

At Mimeo, we are very familiar with that certain kind of panic currently seizing your chest. That’s because we get pulled into print emergencies almost every day. The good news is we know exactly how you can save the day without losing sleep. 

Here are four of the most common overnight printing emergencies you’ll encounter, and how Mimeo helps.

Overnight Print Emergency: More Recipients Than Expected!

This one is most common when you are planning a training classroom or a marketing event. All of a sudden, your headcount jumps, and you don’t have enough copies for everyone. What to do?

If you printed with a local copy shop (or at your desk), you may be out of luck, especially if you realize the need after business hours. If you printed at Mimeo, though, this is an easy fix. Simply go to your library, select the documents you need, and order them to be delivered overnight (you can choose delivery times, starting at 8:30 am local time at your destination). Since we have the latest pickup in the nation with FedEx, we guarantee your order as long as you place it by 10 pm ET.

Overnight Print Emergency: Ship to a New Address!

24 hour print tracking

Sometimes, the destination address changes. For example, you may have planned to ship to the tradeshow freight warehouse only to realize you missed their cutoff date, so now you have to switch to delivering directly to the hotel. 

When you print with Mimeo, you get real-time tracking of your order so your first step in this scenario is to check the status of your packages. If they are in transit or have already been delivered, then the answer is to place a new order with the new address. If your package hasn’t yet shipped, then you can reach out to our 24/7 customer care team with the updated address. They will take care of everything from there to make sure your print shows up where it needs to be, on time.

Overnight Print Emergency: Found a Terrible Typo!

Sometimes, no matter how many proofreads you do, mistakes will persist. If it is major, like using the wrong logo in an RFP response or using outdated information in a training workbook, then you will need to change it before anyone sees the final product.

Here is how we would handle that at Mimeo: first, call (or chat) our 24/7 customer care team to let them know about the issue. They’ll cancel the current order and keep an eye out for the replacement. 

Then, update your files in your document builder. This is as simple as uploading the new and corrected file and then replacing it with the old file in the document sequencer screen. (Here’s a video explaining how). Then, place your order again with the correct number of copies and address. We’ll handle the overnight printing and shipping for you!

Overnight Print Emergency: Just Finished the Project!

Many times, you simply don’t finish your project until the eleventh hour, especially if it is a complex document such as a corporate business proposal. With local print shops or internal facilities, your drop-dead deadline will follow business hours such as 5 or 6 pm local time.

overnight print

We designed Mimeo to solve this precise problem. First of all, unlike some print shops that rely on a combination of email, phone, and FTP uploads, at Mimeo, you have complete control over submitting your order. That includes uploading files; building the document with tabs, binding, and other customizations; and entering the delivery address. 

On top of that, we guarantee next-morning delivery as long as you submit your order by 10 pm ET. When you place your order, it gets prioritized using our proprietary algorithm, so that it will be moved directly to the presses. FedEx then picks up the packages with the latest pickup in North America (2 am ET) and overnights your print wherever it needs to be. (Watch this virtual site tour to learn more about our process.)

And if you miss that 10 pm ET cutoff, we are willing to help you out. Once, we even rented a van and drove an RFP response directly to Alabama to make sure their overnight printing emergency project arrived on time for our customer. 

Since Mimeo has been the premier online, on demand overnight printer since 1998, we have seen (and solved) a lot of print emergencies. Set up your free account today so that we can help you out the next time you start to sweat!

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Mimeo Marketing Team

Mimeo is a global online print provider with a mission to give customers back their time. By combining front and back-end technology with a lean production model, Mimeo is the only company in the industry to guarantee your late-night print order will be produced, shipped, and delivered by 8 am the next morning. For more information, visit mimeo.com and see how Mimeo’s solutions can help you save time today.

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