How to Earn Your Seat at the Table in Training

Watch this webinar to learn how you can earn a seat at the table as a training profressional, and learn advice on how to start the process.

Learning and Talent Development professionals have often complained that they don’t have a “seat at the table”—that they are not included in critical decision-making and strategy-setting discussions. In many companies, it is a fair complaint. Too often we are treated as simply a “set of hands” who are given directives to execute, rather than being viewed as strategic business partners and contributors.

But how do we change that? Whining has not proven to be an effective strategy.

In this fast-paced and interactive webinar, Roy Pollock and Andy Jefferson of the 6Ds Company discussed how to earn your seat at the table by focusing on what business leaders want and value from talent development. Meaningful measurement, analysis, and reporting are essential. This webinar includes practical advice on what you can do to start or accelerate the process.

Watch now to learn:

  • What business leaders want and value from talent development
  • What measurement, analysis, and reports can arm you for conversations
  • Tips for how to start earning your seat at the table

Watch now!


About Our Speaker: Dr. Roy Pollock

Roy V. H. Pollock, DVM, PhD, is Chief Learning Officer of The 6Ds Company and co-author of The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How to Turn Training and Development into Business ResultsDr. Pollock has a passion for helping individuals and teams succeed. He is a popular speaker and international consultant on improving the value of training and development.

Roy has experience in both business and education. He has served as Chief Learning Officer for the Fort Hill Company; Vice President, Global Strategic Product Development for SmithKline Beecham Animal Health; Vice President, Companion Animal Division for Pfizer; and Assistant Dean for Curriculum at Cornell’s Veterinary College.

Roy received his BA from Williams College cum laude and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and PhD degrees from Cornell University.

About Our Speaker: Andy Jefferson

Andy Jefferson, JD, is President and Chief Executive Officer for The 6Ds Company. He is a co-author of The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning and of Getting Your Money’s Worth from Training and Development.

Andy is a frequent global presenter who excels in helping companies maximize the value they realize from their investments in learning and development. He is an accomplished executive with line-management expertise as well as experience in strategic planning, sales and marketing, productivity, and technology development. Prior to helping start The 6Ds Company, Andy served as the Chief Executive Officer of The Fort Hill Company, CEO of Vital Home Services, and Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of AmeriStar Technologies, Inc.

Andy is a graduate of the University of Delaware and graduated Phi Kappa Phi with honors from the Widener University School of Law, where he served on the school’s Board of Overseers.

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