6 Proven Tactics for Stickier Learning Materials

In this session you’ll learn the 6 proven tactics to guarantee your learning materials support sticky change in a global work environment.

Whether you use digital or physical media (to name a few: workbooks, videos, job aids, social media, VR, bots, slides, physical or printed resources) your training must support long-term change in behavior and skills.

In this webinar, discover 6 vital brain ‘hacks’ to guarantee your learning materials support sticky change in a multichannel, global, work environment. You’ll learn how and when to blend resources to inspire and motivate people, involve managers, support new habits, change behaviors and retain key people and skills.  

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • 6 brain “hacks” to lead to stickier change
  • How to leverage your materials to support your learning and business objectives
  • Tips for blending resources to drive performance at work

Make your learning materials impactful:

About Our Speaker

Stella Collins, Stellar Learning

Stella Collins MSc, is Creative Director at Stellar Learning, author of Neuroscience for Learning and Development, numerous e-books, and the Webinars and Writing Skills Pocketbooks.  She founded The Brain Friendly Learning Group and is one of the ‘Brain Ladies’.

With a clear understanding of the challenges faced when people communicate tough or technical messages she and her team consult on, design and deliver results based, sticky, blended learning programmes, underpinned by research but with a creative twist.

Stella is a Fellow of ITOL, inspires audiences at international learning conferences and online events and says ‘There is no such thing as a boring topic – just boring training’.

you can hear her talk about Neuroscience for Learning and Development on Youtube http://ow.ly/V68q1

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