Optimizing the Proposal Process for Winning RFPs

Watch this session to learn how you can optimize your proposal process for winning RFPs by creating your own Response Value Chain.

You need the best content to win your proposals.

Without proper procedures for managing versions or quality, valuable content is squirreled away in siloed systems, personal desktops, and emails. Mismanaging content reduces team productivity, including proposal writers, that rely on current, accurate, and accessible information to develop winning proposals and responses. Something needs to change when companies can accurately answer how many pencils are on a warehouse shelf, while having no clue which is the current version of a fact that can win or lose a proposal. 

To address this content chaos, the Response Value Chain has risen as a blend of best practices and technology that leads proposal teams to become more agile and responsive. As a result, organizations win more business, customer relationships are enhanced, and proposal teams have greater job satisfaction.

In this on-demand webinar, Reanna Dempsey from RocketDocs takes you through the steps to creating your own Response Value Chain:

  • What a Response Value Chain is
  • How it increases your proposal team’s impact
  • How to create your own Response Value Chain

Make your team more efficient:

About Our Speaker

Reanna Dempsey, VP of Customer Success, RocketDocs

Reanna has served as VP of Customer Success since 2017 and has spent more than a decade working in sales, operations, and customer service. Helping clients achieve their business goals through implementing solutions that boost team performance is at the core of Reanna’s experience.

Before joining RocketDocs, Reanna served as the US VP of Customer Experience for Les Mills, a global fitness technology and content delivery organization headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. Reanna was on the senior leadership team, during which time she was instrumental in consolidating six US-based distributorships into one large-scale organization. During this time, she started the first Customer Success team, which helped simplify and elevate the way clients interacted with the business.

Reanna holds a BA in International Business and Spanish from Towson University.

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