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6 Keys to Pricing Your Consulting Services


45 min + Q&A
Followed by a 5-minute Demonstration of the Mimeo Platform

Pricing professional services is tricky. On the one hand, you want to make sure you and your team are adequately compensated for your Intellectual Property. On the other hand, every company has a different budget.


In this free, 1-hour webinar, Gus Prestera will share 6 keys to getting your price right, including:

  • The basics to make sure you can make a profit
  • Deciding what rate structure works for you
  • How to scope and quote projects


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About Our Speaker

Gus Prestera, PresteraFX

Gus Prestera helps businesses improve the capabilities and performance of leaders and their employees, leveraging his core capabilities in organizational development, talent management, and training & development. He holds a Ph.D. in Instructional Systems, an MBA, and a BS in Marketing.


He owns and operates Prestera FX, leading a cross-disciplinary team of highly skilled talent development consultants. Together, for over 15 years, they have helped businesses from a variety of industries to map competencies, onboard new hires, build bench strength, improve employee engagement and performance, drive cultural and organizational change, and establish entirely new learning ecosystems.

In addition, Gus has taught graduate-level courses at Penn State University, frequently speaks at industry events, and currently serves on the advisory board for American University’s new Human Resources Analytics and Management MS program. Visit us at www.presterafx.com

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