Shelby County Schools Names Mimeo as Initial Print Provider

Shelby County Schools selects Mimeo Print to provide initial printing services for instructional supports to help keep students and families engaged.

Shelby County Schools selects Mimeo Print to provide initial printing services for instructional supports to help keep students and families engaged.

Memphis, TN – Mimeo, the global provider of online managed print and content distribution, is proud to announce that Shelby County Schools (SCS) has selected Mimeo Print to provide initial printing services for the instructional supports to help keep students and families engaged while schools are closed.

With this new partnership, SCS is providing comprehensive learning guides/workbooks and other printed educational documents to make distance learning more accessible for students, parents and teachers.

With Mimeo as a trusted print provider, SCS is able to focus on getting the right curriculum together, while Mimeo’s team handles the printing of the educational documents. The completed books are stored in their free online library, and should SCS need to order more in the coming weeks, it will only take a few mouse clicks. Mimeo produces print in its Memphis-based facilities and delivers the books to the SCS distribution center.

“One positive outcome of this crisis is the outpouring of support from a variety of businesses and community partners,” said Superintendent Dr. Joris M. Ray. “SCS is committed to providing instructional support to students and families during school closure, and the partnership with Mimeo is critical as we cultivate a system of supports to maintain continuity of learning.”

“We are passionate about making sure everyone has access to essential documents when they need them, and education is one of the most important threads in the fabric of our society,” said Mike Barker, General Manager, Mimeo US. “As a long-time Memphis-based business, we are doubly proud to be able to support our local educators and families.”

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About Shelby County Schools

Shelby County Schools is Tennessee’s largest public school district and is among the 25 largest public school districts in the United States. Formerly comprised of two smaller districts, Memphis City Schools and Shelby County Schools, SCS serves over 113,000 students in more than 200 schools. We are the second largest employer in Shelby County with over 14,200 employees, including 6,500 teachers. Through our strategic plan, Destination 2025, we are committed to working toward three goals: 80 percent of students are college or career ready, 90 percent of seniors graduate on time and 100 percent of graduates will enroll in a post-secondary opportunity. To reach these goals, SCS has placed a strong emphasis in five high-leverage areas: early literacy, improvement of post-secondary readiness, developing strong teachers, leaders and support staff, expanding high quality school options and working closely with families and community partners to support our schools. SCS partners with almost 4,000 volunteers and 1,300 total school adopters and community partners to help impact student achievement.

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