3 Marketing & Sales Alignment Secrets in 2nd Mimeo Podcast

Read the press release about episode two of Mimeo’s Talk of the Trade Podcast, “Work Together, Not Apart: 3 Marketing and Sales Alignment Secrets.”

Read the press release about episode two of Mimeo’s Talk of the Trade Podcast, “Work Together, Not Apart: 3 Marketing and Sales Alignment Secrets.”

New York, NY – Mimeo, the global provider of online managed print and content distribution, announces the release of episode two of Talk of the Trade—Marketing and Sales Success Stories, a monthly podcast that focuses on providing expert-led strategies for business generation and growth.

In this episode, host Mike McNary, VP of Acquisition at Mimeo, has a conversation with guest Amanda Wang, VP of Marketing at Contino, a global technology transformation consultancy that works with the world’s largest enterprise organizations. McNary interviews Wang, who has over a decade of marketing experience across multiple industries, about how to “Work Together, Not Apart: 3 Marketing and Sales Alignment Secrets.” 

The topic of this episode is based on two commonly asked questions: “What is the marketing and sales relationship?” and “How can marketing and sales partner together to become a powerful source of growth for any company?” Drawing from her expertise in developing strategies that blend creativity with strong processes, Wang shares behaviors that teams can implement to better work together, ways to improve communication with transparent data and success metrics, how to prioritize being customer-centric and growing accounts, and more.

“We’re thrilled to have Amanda Wang as our second podcast guest,” said McNary. “She addresses an issue that affects so many, if not all of us—the relationship between marketing and sales and how we can move beyond working separately to supporting each other and the company. Listeners will come away from this episode with key takeaways that they can use everyday to increase collaboration and partnerships.”

Mike Barker, General Manager, Mimeo US, said, “The purpose of this and future podcast episodes is to empower our marketing and sales enablement audience to succeed in the current landscape. This scope aligns with Mimeo’s dedication and 20+ year track record of helping sales enablement teams accelerate their performance using our all-in-one business printing solution. We’ll continue to be a go-to resource that these teams can count on, both for on-demand, streamlined printing, and, now, for expert advice in every single installment of Talk of the Trade.”

Listen to episode two of the podcast, “Work Together, Not Apart: 3 Marketing and Sales Alignment Secrets” at https://www.mimeo.com/podcasts/talk-of-the-trade/. Find the podcast on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/show/4PCuiBVrmctN3iBcODZeqX.

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