Mimeo Launches Mobile App to Manage Digital Content

NEW YORK, May 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Mimeo, innovator of online managed content distribution, announced the global release of its new Mimeo Digital mobile application. The app demonstrates Mimeo’s commitment to provide secure content for organizations requiring multiple formats, with mobile now advancing the company’s existing print, digital and blended solutions.

Mimeo Digital’s app is a personalized library for viewing, note taking and interacting with content provided to users by their organizations and the companies they conduct business with. Its users are able to read documents, stream videos, access business critical files, and take content offline for use during transit or where connections are unreliable.

“Our customers are organizations that need an easier way to securely access their content without sacrificing control,” said David Uyttendaele, Cofounder & CTO, “Mimeo Digital enables users to access corporate content on any device at anytime, annotate, collaborate, and even set access permissions.”

Mimeo Digital’s app was developed to fit the increasingly mobile needs of customers through a better user experience that maintains intellectual property protection.

Mimeo has always been ahead of the curve and continues to define the way in which enterprise organizations effectively create and distribute content to their intended audiences. The launch of Mimeo Digital’s Mobile App advances this vision,” said Jonathan Bartlett, VP, Product.

The launch of the app unifies user’s browser experience with the mobile app . Global enterprises tasked with distributing updated content to various locations and audiences choose Mimeo Digital to:

  • Control content globally through custom branded accounts/libraries
  • Access reports and dashboards displaying metrics on content engagement
  • Maintain secure control over intellectual property without sacrificing user engagement

Now with the app’s release, organizational leaders have the ability to interact with users in a few simple taps, anywhere in the world. Mimeo Digital allows remote learners to remain engaged in group discussions offline. Users are able to contextually search for specific content, and other user annotations.

The Mimeo Digital mobile app is available for free download to Mimeo Digital customers and their audiences on Apple’s App Store & Google Play. Users can also access Mimeo Digital on any desktop or mobile browser, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 11+.

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