Mimeo Explores the Future of Work with Highfive

When moving into a new office, you don’t typically think of video conferencing as one of the first things that you need to get up and running. But the teams at Mimeo.com had Highfive set up on the first day in their new headquarters near Herald Square in New York City. At this fast-growing online content distribution and printing company, working face-to-face has become a critical part of doing business every day.

Over his ten years at Mimeo, VP of Marketing Doug Bohaboy has watched the company grow from 200 to over 900 employees. As the company continues to grow, bringing Highfive into the company’s conference rooms—whether they’re in Memphis, New York or Seattle—is proving key to Mimeo’s ability to make new offices part of the larger company.

In fact, last year Mimeo acquired Berlin-based company Koebcke, which brought 100 new employees into the company. Highfive helped make it easy for everyone to get to know each other. “We were in a meeting,” Doug recalls, “and I literally switched Highfive over to my phone and walked around the office so my new colleague could see the office as a way to make her feel like part of the team.”

Highfive’s simple installation process made it possible for Mimeo’s new international offices to turn any room into a video conference-enabled space. Since no one at the company has to heavily rely on IT support for video conferencing, they can connect with colleagues across the globe in seconds.

For Doug, the speed with which he can connect to co-workers has been one of the greatest parts of adopting Highfive. In some instances, he uses Highfive with remote team members even when there’s no formal meeting planned. “It’s been nice because you just send a link and that’s that,” he says. “It’s impromptu—you can just bring them right into the meeting.”

From the US to the UK to Germany, Mimeo’s teams are now meeting more frequently and making sure their new offices and teams are fully integrated.

About Mimeo.com
Mimeo is the innovator of online managed content distribution and printing. Over 5,000 companies rely on Mimeo’s award winning document management tools and print on demand solutions to lower document related costs while improving employee productivity. The company was founded in 1998 and operates digital print facilities in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany. Investors include Draper Fisher Jurvetson, DFJ Gotham, Goldman Sachs (GS), Harbourvest and Hewlett Packard (HP).