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At ATD 2015, Mimeo launched its Referral Program, providing customers incentives for telling their friends, family and colleagues why they love Mimeo.

At ATD 2015, Mimeo launched its Referral Program, providing customers incentives for telling their friends, family and colleagues why they love Mimeo.

New York, NY, June 23, 2015: Mimeo, innovator of cloud based content distribution and printing, exhibited at ATD in Orlando, Florida. In addition to exploring new partnerships, Mimeo connected with over 100 of its customers. The team also showcased its new Mimeo Referral Program, Warehousing and Kitting solutions, customization solutions and reporting capabilities to the learning and development community. Mimeo staff demonstrated Marketplace, an online tool that lets customers create their own customized storefronts, publish documents and allows others do the ordering.

“Mimeo has been heavily involved with ATD for the past nine years,” said Steve Brown, senior VP of business development at Mimeo. “We were thrilled, once again, to connect with L&D professionals from around the world and have face-to-face time with our clients – both attendees and exhibitors alike. Mimeo continues to build our platform with trainers in mind to ensure we maintain product and market leadership in this field.”

At ATD 2015, Mimeo introduced its Referral Program, a new initiative designed to provide loyal customers with incentives for telling their friends, family and colleagues why they love Mimeo so much. The event also served as an opportunity to demonstrate how Mimeo’s customized solution can improve training and skills development as organizations create the perfect print materials.

Additionally, Mimeo highlighted its robust set of reporting capabilities, which integrates into corporate billing systems, provides invoices and supplies a set of billing codes to identify users. Alongside that demonstration, Mimeo introduced ATD attendees to the Mimeo Marketplace, a platform on which users and organizations can create and sell their products through a custom branded storefront and distribute content to their audiences.

Also on display, Mimeo showcased its Warehousing and Kitting inventory control system, which will help customers keep track of their warehoused products, such as printed materials and branded items. Not only does Mimeo enable organizations to leverage Kit Builder, an online tool for kitting, but this solution will also report usage statistics and inventory levels to ensure that all warehoused items are kept in stock without overages.

ATD 2015 is the largest conference in its field, where top-rated and world-renowned speakers and companies network, engage and learn from industry peers, partners and clients. This year, ATD welcomed 9,600 attendees from a variety of sectors – including the government, higher education, sales and healthcare – and provided over 360 top-rated educational sessions for those individuals, while 300 exhibitors showcased their learning and development solutions from around the globe.

For more information, please contact: Anthony Zaccone, marketing manager of events & social at Mimeo, at azaccone@mimeo.com.

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