Mimeo Debuts New Feature Set

Mimeo announces a new feature set implemented across its suite of applications, focused on content distribution and printing.

Mimeo announces a new feature set implemented across its suite of applications, focused on content distribution and printing.

NEW YORKSept. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Mimeo announces a new feature set implemented across its suite of applications, focused on content distribution and printing. The updates, both to its technology and print product offering, were created to improve the visibility and processes Mimeo customers leverage across the world.

“We are continuously inventing new features informed by the business needs of our customers and their unique industries. These features are core to who we are and the ongoing value we provide,” said Heath Cajandig, VP of Product. “They serve our mission of giving customers back their time.”

Added Visibility

  • Order Delivery Status is now available on Mimeo Print and Mimeo Marketplace.
    • This provides increased customer visibility into order status and confirmation within Mimeo’s platform, eliminating an additional step of logging into a third-party site.
  • The deactivation of unredeemed content keys and distributions is now available on Mimeo Digital.
    • This enables customers to protect their intellectual property and save time through the bulk revocation of access to content that was not accessed; to the specific content type or a bulk distribution of content.
  • Real-time inventory is now available on Mimeo Print and Mimeo Marketplace.
    • After warehoused non-print or offset print items ship, the updated quantity is immediately reflected in customer accounts.
  • Admin Analytics Dashboard is now available on Mimeo Digital.
    • This enables admins to easily calculate learner engagement attributed to specific content; measuring their audiences’ key redemption and usage.

Process Improvement

  • Copy/paste functionality is now available on Mimeo Digital.
    • This empowers learners to share content, such as code snippets and lab exercises, through their network of trainers as well as repurpose it. The feature can be toggled on/off to protect the intellectual property of organizations.
  • Subcategories are now available on Mimeo Digital.
    • Users and admins can now organize content by region, type, or other internal classification methods to make it more easily findable.
  • Multi-View User Capabilities are now available on Mimeo Digital
    • Users can now have multiple documents open simultaneously on one screen, are able to scroll independently, create annotations, and take exclusive notes on each of these documents.
  • Mimeo has created a Customer Success team.
    • The team of Customer Success Managers decreases customer onboarding times, creates tutorial resources, and allows Mimeo to better understand customer needs and objectives.

Expanded Print Offering

  • Mimeo Displays has been launched.
    • The new offering includes thousands of products for events, promotions, and training sessions, such as banners, signage, table throws, and more.
  • Letter Size documents are now available on Mimeo Print Germany.
    • This US document format provides flexibility for customers who conduct business in multiple regions.
  • Mimeo Print’s Half Size Booklet Builder has been released.
    • Available in all Mimeo Print accounts, the builder enables customers to build and proof half size documents for print and fulfillment to anywhere in the world.

“The Mimeo team enthusiastically delivers these features that will benefit so many of our 5000+ corporate customers,” stated Adam Bellusci, VP of Product.

About Mimeo:

Mimeo enables the transfer of knowledge to anywhere in the world. Thousands of businesses reach their audiences through print and digital content more efficiently by leveraging our enterprise suite to save time.

Founded in 1998, Mimeo grew from a tech startup to a global organization, delivering content to over 140 countries.

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