Mimeo Attracts 1,600+ Training Professionals at 2010 ASTD

Mimeo’s booth showed how Mimeo offers more levels of control and a redesigned online “dashboard” which acts as the “control center” of the workflow.

Mimeo’s booth showed how Mimeo offers more levels of control and a redesigned online “dashboard” which acts as the “control center” of the workflow.

New Services and “Control Freaks” Advertising Campaign Encourages Training Community to Use Technology to Exert More Control over Courseware Management, Production and Distribution

New York – August 3, 2010 – Mimeo.com, the leading online printing and distribution company, used its fifth appearance at the ASTD International Conference and Exposition to showcase new solutions designed to solve the courseware management and fulfillment challenges of the learning and development community. A new campaign titled, “Control Freaks” highlighted the complexity of the training process and how mimeo not only gives trainers more control, but helps them to eliminate costly errors.

The “Control Freaks” campaign was promoted throughout the show including a self administered survey, t-shirts, exhibition hall booth, giveaways and posters. The booth showcased the many ways mimeo provides greater levels of control including a redesigned online “dashboard” which acts as the “control center” of the workflow, new online courseware proofing tools and upgrades to the Mimeo Marketplace storefront solution.

“The “control freak” campaign was based on discussions with customers who were consistently disappointed by vendors that could not manage the complexity of producing, kitting and then fulfilling the multiple materials required for classroom or individual training” said Tom Karrat, mimeo.com EVP Sales and Marketing. “We found that when trainers did not like passing control of the process to others. With our workflow, managers can set up a set of rules that allows them to control and automate the entire process. For example, this can be as easy as a teacher visiting the corporate intranet, and with a click of the mouse, ordering what is needed. We are continually streamlining the workflow, using technology to eliminate costly errors and reducing administrative time required.”

Mimeo.com has been serving the learning community for over 12 years and has developed proprietary online tools designed to meet the needs of this demanding audience. Innovations showcased included the mimeo open platform, which can be completely rebranded to match a company’s identity. This makes it easy to seamlessly integrate courseware fulfillment into existing platforms such as the corporate intranet, learning management and procurement systems.

“We appreciate Mimeo’s very active and long-standing involvement in the ASTD International Conference ∧ Exposition,” said Tony Bingham, ASTD President and CEO. “The EXPO was extremely well-received this year as conference attendees—representing more than 70 countries—were interested to learn how the training supplier community can help them tackle some of their most important challenges.”

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