Mimeo’s Latest Episode Tackles Remote Workspaces for Sales Development Teams

Mimeo announces Episode 11 of the Talk of the Trade podcast, Remote SDR Teams, featuring David Dulany, CEO of Tenbound.

New York, NY – Mimeo, the global provider of online managed print and content distribution, has announced the release of episode eleven of Talk of the TradeMarketing and Sales Success Stories, a monthly podcast that focuses on providing expert-led strategies for business generation and growth.

“Remote SDR Teams: How to Onboard, Manage, and Scale Sales Dev Teams in the Modern Workspace” spotlights David Dulany, CEO and Founder of Tenbound, who advises tech start-ups such as Drift, Gong, Salesloft, and more on scaling their sales development teams. Mimeo’s SVP of Acquisition, Michael McNary, interviews David on why remote work is particularly challenging to sales development teams, how to adapt onboarding strategies for remote employees, and why organizations who embrace hybrid work environments are at an advantage. 

“With so many sales leaders facing hiring and retention challenges, I’m excited to bring David’s expertise to our audience,” said McNary. “This conversation is a great, 30-minute quickstart to planning your sales dev strategy for the coming months. Whether you are just starting your business development team or looking to pivot in an increasingly volatile world, this episode is for you.”

“We are proud to see each episode of Talk of the Trade continue the conversation of how to support and grow sales and marketing organizations,” said Mike Barker, general manager of Mimeo US. “Mimeo has a 20+ year track record of helping sales enablement teams accelerate their performance using our all-in-one business printing solution, and we are proud that Talk of the Trade continues that tradition.”

Listen to Episode Eleven, “Remote SDR Teams: How to Onboard, Manage, and Scale Sales Dev Teams in the Modern Workspace” here. Find the podcast on all podcatchers, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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