The Latest Updates to Your Digital Admin Library (Mimeo Digital)

Our goal at Mimeo is to make it simple for you to put content in front of your learners. These latest updates to the Digital admin library are designed to make your process easier than ever:

Multi-Select Content

You can now select multiple pieces of content at a time. That means you can take bulk actions, like categorizing multiple files into one category, adding several pieces of content to a distribution at once, or recycling your files in groups.

How to Use It

When you browse your Library, you’ll see a new checkbox next to the content thumbnail. To select multiple pieces of content, click the checkbox next to all the content thumbnails that you want to select. 

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You can even select all pieces of content by clicking the checkbox at the top of the menu. 

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Once you selected your content, choose what you want to do with it: 

  1. Add to a Distribution – Add all the selected content to a distribution without leaving your library.
  2. Distribute Now – Start a distribution immediately with all the content you have selected. This will take you to the Distribution Settings.
  3. Archive – Send all of the selected content to your recycle bin so they don’t clog up your library.
  4. Categorize – Put your content with similar content by adding it to categories (similar to folders). Your content can belong to multiple categories, so you’ll see a gray highlight on the categories that a file already belongs to.
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We’re always updating Mimeo Digital to make your life easier. Keep an eye out for more update announcements!

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