Mimeo Digital Summer Feature Pack (2018)

What’s new?

  1. Revoke Distribution

Ever had to revoke the entire distribution and feel powerless to do so? Fear not; now we’ve added an option to revoke access to an entire distribution including all available keys and redeemed keys of the distribution.

Why is it important?

Administrators and coordinators can revoke access to the entire distribution with a click of a button instead of having to do it for individual keys of each content. Irrespective of the state of the keys and the amount of content in the distribution,  this new option revokes access to the entire distribution in a matter of seconds. This also provides an easy way to recover from an erroneous distribution.

How does it work?

Main menu > Distributions 

On clicking the “Options” drop-down button for any of the listed distributions, you now have the option to “Revoke Distribution”.


Clicking this would pop up a confirmation notification, which allows the user to avoid accidental revoke activity.

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On confirmation the access to all keys of the distribution is revoked!

  1. Personal Bookmarks 

For learners and participants, browsing through content is never a linear activity. One may want to jump across pages, refer back to a previous page, or mark something interesting. Introducing – “Personal bookmarks”, to help you mark what’s important to the learners and participants.

Why is it important?

Personal bookmarks for learners and participants, provide a way for users to mark pages with personalized names, so that they can quickly access their marked content. A user can add any number of bookmarks to each document. 

How does it work?

After logging into the app and accessing the content Library, click on any PDF document.

Once the document opens up in view mode, keep browsing till you find a page that you would like to bookmark. 

On the left panel, you should see the following icon.

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Select the “My Bookmarks” sub-tab

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There should be a list already if you have previously bookmarked content. If not, you would just see an empty space. 

To add a bookmark, just the name that you would like to use for this bookmark.

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Click on the “Add Bookmark” button. You should now be able to see this in the list of “My Bookmarks”

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Now if you browse to any other page, clicking on this bookmark will directly take you to the page you’ve bookmarked. 

You can add as many bookmarks on a document as you wish. The same steps can be also performed on the mobile app to add personal bookmarks. 

Note: Currently bookmarks added from web and mobile do not sync across platforms. This would be worked upon in later releases.

  1. Faster, more reliable Report export

We understand that exporting data has been a slow and painstaking process. We’ve addressed this and ensured the report export works efficiently. 

Why is it important?

Rather than spending time on the export process; for the administrators and coordinators, analysis of exported data is important. Hence we’ve improved the performance of the export queries and ensured the data is exported in an efficient way without any delays. 

How does it work?

The actual steps of exporting data haven’t been changed. However, there is now a constraint added while exporting “Keys” and “Notes” data. The allowed date range now stands at 4 months. So if the administrator selects a date range that’s more than 4 months, on clicking the  “Export” button, they would see the following error message. 




Note: data for more than 4 months can be extracted by contacting Mimeo for assistance.

  1. The category display is now on hover.

A consistent visual design invokes a pleasant emotion in users. The categories displayed under the Library section was not up to that mark. We’ve updated the interaction for the categories list to be as a drawer that opens up on hovering over the “Library” section of the menu.  

Why is it important?

Simpler interactions make for an enhanced user experience. It’s now easier for the administrator to view all the categories present under the Library by simply hovering over the Library section.

How does it work?

The administrator or the coordinator can now hover over the Library section on the left menu to bring out the drawer containing the list of all categories. 

 Previously : 

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