Improved Signup Release Notes (Mimeo Digital)

Release Date – May 10th, 2017

We have heard your feedback about our account sign-up process. What if my user misspells their email address? What if my user enters the wrong email address (personal vs. business or team email vs. individual)? 

Mimeo has addressed these issues by making one small change to our sign-up process. Want to learn more? Check out the screenshot below.

1. When users visit your organization’s custom URL (let’s use as an example), they will be greeted with both the “sign up” and “login” options.

2. New users who select the sign-up option will be greeted with the same user experience they have always encountered, but with one small change.

3. We have added an additional field called “confirm email”.

  • The addition of this field will act as a safeguard in limiting potential spelling errors that occur during the entering process.
  • The second field will cause users to take a pause in selecting the email they use to create their account – giving them another second to think “You know what, I should really use my business email instead”.
Screen+Shot+2017 05 10+at+4.58.03+PM

4. Now, there may still be instances where someone creates an account with the wrong email or needs to change their login information for some reason. In those instances, the user can use our Email Support Tool inside their library. Learn more about it here.