Enable Offline Access Instantly (Mimeo Digital)

Making your content accessible offline is an important feature. This enables your end-users to access your content within the Mimeo Digital app without accessing wifi while keeping your intellectual property secure. 

As an administrator, you can add offline accessibility to files on each distribution, so that your end-users don’t even have to lift a finger. By using this feature, as soon as your end-user redeems the content, it will be available in their offline library.  

While creating a distribution, simply choose the checkbox “Offline Download” for each file you want your end-user to access offline. You can apply it to all files in the distribution by choosing the checkbox in the header, or apply it on a file-by-file basis. 

Screen+Shot+2018 04 25+at+3.31.57+PM

Keep in Mind: 

  • There is no notification to end-users regarding automatic offline access. 
  • The content will be made offline to the device where the end-user first redeems their key or opens their library with newly assigned content. 

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