Deactivate Unredeemed Keys (Mimeo Digital)

If you created more keys for a distribution than you actually needed, that means the extra keys will be unredeemed, which can be a security risk. 

While you can always deactivate keys on an individual level, it’s faster to deactivate all unredeemed keys from the distribution at once.

Here is how to deactivate keys from your distribution report

Visit your distributions report from the left-hand navigation bar.

Screen+Shot+2018 04 25+at+2.57.37+PM

Locate the distribution and click the “Options” drop-down

Screen+Shot+2018 04 25+at+3.03.36+PM

Click “deactivate keys” and then click “yes” in the confirmation window 

Screen+Shot+2018 04 25+at+3.05.20+PM

Once you’ve confirmed, the number of available keys will automatically drop to zero 

Screen+Shot+2018 04 25+at+3.15.03+PM

And you’re done!

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