Case Study - Spring Venture Group

Spring Venture Group is a leader in insurance comparison technology that helps clients evaluate their healthcare options.

Case Study – Spring Venture Group

Spring Venture Group is a leader in insurance comparison technology that helps clients evaluate their healthcare options.

Spring Venture Group is a leader in insurance comparison technology that helps clients evaluate their healthcare options. The training team is tasked with onboarding a new class of salespeople every week, which includes instructor-led sessions, e-learning, and printed workbook materials. While they began by relying on a local printer, as their hiring increased and switched to a completely remote workforce, they needed a new solution. That’s when they found Mimeo and ended up saving money and time. Here is the full story of how they did it:

What Spring Venture Group Prints

Joseph Sitler, Sales Development Manager at Spring Venture Group, is responsible for instructional design and materials for new hire training that takes place every week. To make sure that every salesperson is trained to help customers make informed healthcare decisions, Joe designed custom, printed workbooks to accompany the training class. Since the industry changes rapidly, he updates these workbooks at least once per week and prints them new for each new hire. 

Before Mimeo

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Joe began by ordering his workbooks from a local print shop. A week before each training class, Joe would set aside several hours on Friday to update the workbook with new marketplace information. Then he would insert blank pages in Microsoft Word to represent page breaks and publish it to a PDF. Finally, he would compose a long email to his local print shop with all the instructions for where to include tabs, what kind of binding he needed, paper stock preferences, and more. The print shop would begin processing on Saturday morning to deliver the following Friday.

When the training team only needed to provide workbooks for 10 new hires a month, this old process, while time consuming, was bearable. But in 2020, two things changed: Spring Venture Group increased hiring to 400-500 new sales people per month, and the entire workforce (including new hire training) went remote. Now, Joe needed to include even more print materials with each order, plus he needed to ship the documents to his remote learners, something his local printer could not accommodate. Joe needed to find a new solution.

How Mimeo Saved Spring Venture Group 50% in Print Costs (and Simplified Logistics, Too)

With their per-unit printing costs doubling and the logistics of shipping print materials to remote learners increasingly burdensome, the training team at Spring Venture Group decided it was time to find a new printer. Knowing Mimeo’s reputation as a reliable print and logistics partner, they reached out to see if we could help. 


Lower Print-On-Demand Price and Faster Turnaround Times

In the new paradigm of remote training, Joe needed to provide a workbook that included activity sheets as well as reference materials. He also still needed to make updates a few times per week, meaning he needed a printer that could turnaround the project quickly on a regular basis.

After reviewing alternative local printers, Joe selected Mimeo as his new print-on-demand vendor because Mimeo could offer lower per-unit prices at a faster turnaround time. He now prints workbooks that are nearly double the size as they were in 2019 at 50% of what he paid his previous printer. 

Self-Service Portal Allows for Easier Ordering

In particular, Joe liked Mimeo’s self-service ordering system. After updating the materials in his workbook, he no longer has to send a detailed email to his print vendor. Instead, he uploads his final files to Mimeo and builds the document in the real-time preview. That way, he can see exactly where he is adding tabs, slip sheets, or other customizations, and he knows it will be produced as he sees it on screen.

“When printing with my local copy shop, I stayed late on Friday nights to submit updated training workbook files a week ahead of time, since the healthcare marketplace changes so frequently. With Mimeo Marketplace, I submit the updates on Monday morning and it is available to my new hires to order for themselves in class that afternoon.”

– Joseph Sitler, Sales Development Manager, Spring Venture Group

Simpler Logistics with Mimeo Marketplace


In his previous process, Joe ordered his print materials from the local copy shop to be delivered to his offices. Then, since the office was locked down to essential employees only, he had to rely on a business administration partner to package the print materials with the new hire computer shipments. The process was intense, complicated, and made it difficult to keep track of new hire manuals.

When Joe switched to Mimeo, we proposed simplifying his logistics, in addition to saving him money. Instead of Joe being responsible for shipping to his office, keeping track of learner addresses, and figuring out how to send packets out, we offered a branded, password-protected Marketplace.

After building each document in the real-time preview, Joe now publishes that document to a Marketplace that only his new hires can access. At the start of each training, he takes the learners on a virtual tour of the Marketplace, and then they order the documents to be shipped directly to their addresses. At the end of the day, all Joe has to worry about is updating his content. Mimeo handles the rest.

The Results: Simpler Printing at Half the Cost

By switching to Mimeo, the training team at Spring Venture Group now prints a thicker instruction manual at 50% of their previous vendor’s per-unit cost. On top of that, they no longer have to worry about the logistics. Mimeo handles the printing, shipping, and tracking – which the training team can access via an on-demand report if they want to check which learners ordered their materials. 

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