Software Company - Mimeo Case Study

Learn how Mimeo helps a major software company provide business intelligence solutions to enterprise organizations.

Software Company – Mimeo Case Study

Learn how Mimeo helps a major software company provide business intelligence solutions to enterprise organizations.

About the Client

A major software company provides business intelligence solutions to enterprise organizations. In order for their customers to be successful, they must provide training through a channel partner network.

“Scaling our business is a challenge. For us right now, it’s Mimeo’s platform that makes scaling up users effortless.”

– Software Company Service Operations


Prior to Mimeo, the software company’s team was faced with:

“We need systems and processes that allow us to deliver twice as much output to our constituents without twice as much administrative overhead.”

Prior to Mimeo, their team was faced with:

  • Time consuming process with a brick and mortar copy shop chain
  • Limited employee bandwidth due to administrative burden of fulfilling requests
  • Small team size to keep up with channel partner network demand for training materials
  • Unreliable quality standards across multiple regions


Using Mimeo’s cloud-based platform to easily scale with growing demand from channel partners, the software company was able to centralize the print and distribution of channel partner training materials.

  • Mimeo Print: App to streamline direct customer training print and distribution.
  • Mimeo Marketplace: Creates a custom-branded storefront that enables the operations team to delegate the ordering of materials to channel partners.
  • Mimeo Digital: App that allows for the secure distribution of digital content to any device.
  • Content Library Feature: Updates to materials are made in real-time, allowing partners to only access the most current versions of content.
  • Last-Minute Printing Capability: With an under 24 hour turn time to end delivery, last minute enrollees begin their training with all required content in hand.


As the business scaled, Mimeo provided the tools vital to support the growing training business. Their channel partners were now able to be self sufficient in ordering materials, as well as quick turn requirements for last minute enrollment.

The adoption of Mimeo’s platform not only impacted direct customer support, but the authorized partners. Even as the number of students trained on the software increased by 600%, it was easy to scale their training program without scaling their overhead.

The operational support and logistics required for content distribution was reduced by 5-8 hours a week.

“Our partners are critical to our success, the tools we provide to them are important to that effort. Marketplace is a critical part of that technology infrastructure to run our growing partner channel.


“If a customer requests 5 new students to be added to a course tomorrow, no problem. With a few clicks, we can place an order and they arrive at the customer location before the start of the class.”

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