Case Study: SDN PROs

SDN Pros is Arista’s exclusive Elite Plus Training Partner, providing foremost network industry training to professionals across the world. Their world-class offerings include virtual, instructor-led courses as well as a new, self-service Arista Academy. For each course that students purchase, they also receive a digital copy of the course decks for notetaking and reference.

SDN PROs Case Study (Mimeo Digital)

SDN Pros is Arista’s exclusive Elite Plus Training Partner, providing foremost network industry training to professionals across the world.

When distributing those digital course materials, SDN Pros relied on a digital rights management (DRM) platform. While it did prevent unauthorized users from accessing course materials, the DRM made it difficult for paying students to log in and keep their content. On top of that, the administrative document-upload process required too many steps to keep up with last-minute updates.

That’s why Monica Berkley, SDN Pros Operations Director, recommended switching providers as early as during her interview process when joining the company. She knew that switching to the Mimeo Digital courseware distribution platform would improve SDN Pros’s students’ experience while also reducing administrative burden.

Better Learner Experience

When students sign up for a class with SDN Pros, they purchase the course itself as well as supplemental materials. In the previous DRM ecosystem, they had to follow complex log-in instructions and often ended up emailing the operations team for help.
With Mimeo Digital, students log into a simple app on either a browser or a mobile device. From there, they can take notes directly on the content, and all annotations save into their personal libraries. If they do run into any issues, they can chat immediately with the embedded 24/7 Mimeo Digital customer support team, instead of waiting for the SDN Pros admin team to see their email asking for help.

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The switch from a DRM to Mimeo Digital is a no-brainer for me.
Everything else is in the Stone Age compared to Mimeo Digital.”

Monica Berkley, Operations Director, SDN Pros

Last-Minute Updates

Given the nature of SDN Pros’s courses, there are often last-minute updates to their course materials. To change content in their previous DRM, the operations admin had to reach out to someone at the DRM to upload the new file and then send an updated code to students.

With Mimeo Digital, Monica’s team can update content in the admin dashboard whenever they want. Students’ libraries will then automatically update with the latest version of the files.

Bonus: Expanding the SDN Pros Business

As SDN Pros expands their course offerings, Mimeo Digital enables them to deliver the same great experience without adding to their administrative burden. With a custom API, Mimeo Digital plugs into the SDN Pros LMS so that when students sign up for the new,
self-service Academy, they can automatically access their licensed course materials in the same dashboard where they consume the self-service learning modules.

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Afer switching to Mimeo Digital, SDN Pros has a simpler solution for putting their course content in front of authorized students. Now, their admins spend less time wrangling files, students have a better experience referencing purchased materials, and the company can focus on delivering first-class network industry training.

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