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Case Study: DMA - Scale Demand Generation Programs with Easier Events

By partnering with Mimeo for on-demand printing, Michele Gebrayel was able to scale from 3 to 40 annual events.

About DMA

Ducharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc. (DMA) is a corporate tax consulting firm that prides itself on providing boutique services to Fortune 1000 firms.

As corporate events manager, Michele Gebrayel is responsible for generating interest in DMA services by hosting educational events for prospect accounts. Professionals from prospect accounts attend complimentary educational events featuring DMA subject matter experts.

“Our differentiator is that we provide a high-value, personal experience. Our events and print materials have to reflect that.”

Every element of the event – from the venue to the food to the room temperature – is carefully calibrated to reflect the quality of the DMA brand.

Their print materials must not only live up to that brand but serve as an extension of the DMA brand and service.

“When the event is over, our printed books live on. Attendees ask me for extras to take back to the office and share with their director, VP, or COO.”

When Michele began the events program, she was responsible for 3 events per year. After DMA tasked her with scaling to 40 events annually, Michele knew she needed to find new processes to meet her goals.


The Old Process

At the beginning, Michele printed event books with her local printer. After submitting her final PDF via email, she was forced to dedicate 4 to 5 hours per event to travel to the print shop, review and approve proofs, and box and ship her order.

This process, which took at least 4 business days, did not leave flexibility for updates to content or to headcount and increasingly held Michele back as she scaled towards an event almost every week of the year.

The New Process

When Michele discovered Mimeo’s on-demand printing, she was able to extend her print deadline. What used to take 4 days now takes minutes.

Once Michele has a final print file, she uploads it to her browser-based Mimeo account. Then she builds her document in the real-time proof, where she can customize her document from color settings through binding options. Once she is happy with the file, she ships it directly to the venue.

And because everything is cloud-based, Michele can manage her print materials in the office, on the road, or while cooking dinner.

“Mimeo makes your event run better with less stress.”

Better, Leaner Process

Even better, not only does she get better pricing at Mimeo, but Michele also doesn’t need to order as many books because of an extended deadline. In the year that she switched from a local print shop to Mimeo, Michele saved DMA $37,000 in print costs.

Unexpected Benefit

Because her print turnaround time is now so much shorter, Michele can allow more time to update her materials with last-minute presenter submissions.

“I know that as long as I get my order in by 10 pm, it will print and ship to my event location on time.”

By switching her print process to Mimeo, Michele saves time, money, and stress – and gets higher-quality materials to reflect the DMA brand. “What I see on the real-time preview is exactly what I get.”

Now that Michele Gebrayel partners with Mimeo, she can run as many events per year as necessary to meet her demand generation commitments.

“Mimeo is an extension of my department.”

“Partnering with Mimeo was essential to scaling from 3 to 40 events.”

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