Mimeo Case Study: WEG

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the marketing team handled all printing internally with a leased, on-site industrial printer.

Mimeo Case Study: WEG

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the marketing team handled all printing internally with a leased, on-site industrial printer.

What WEG Prints

The WEG marketing team oversees brand collateral for USA sales and events from their regional headquarters in Duluth, Georgia. Patricia Parker, Senior Marketing Analyst, organizes 38 tradeshows annually, while their outside sales team coordinates client lunches and on-site meetings. When it comes to print materials, the marketing team needs high-quality literature that can easily be shipped across the United States at a moment’s notice. 

Before Mimeo: WEG’s Internal Print Process

Since the marketing team needs multiple print runs per month to support their sales team and tradeshow schedule, they invested in an industrial printer for their Duluth headquarters. In addition to leasing the printer for $60k/year, the marketing team also had to pay for each copy, in addition to ink, paper, and binding materials. On top of that, they allocated a marketing associate as the print operator. Because only one person operated the printer, each order had to be submitted several weeks ahead of the ship date.

In short, their internal print process was slow, expensive, and not conducive to a fast-changing business environment. 

weg's print process

The Switch to a More Agile Printer

When the WEG marketing team’s printer lease expired in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, they recognized a need for change. For the moment, their print needs had reduced drastically, making the industrial printer an albatross around their neck. 

Parker took the opportunity to find a new print solution that would allow them to scale their printing in response to business needs. After reaching out to four different digital printers, she settled on Mimeo. 

“Not only was Mimeo the most responsive vendor, but they gave me a full tour of their online platform and sent me two, discounted test orders to make sure I was satisfied with the quality of their print.” 

How Mimeo Simplifies WEG’s Print Process

With Mimeo as their print vendor, the WEG marketing team has much more flexibility. Instead of sending files to their marketing associate, waiting for several weeks for the printed collateral at headquarters, and then shipping the materials via their local FedEx center, they can accomplish everything from wherever they are in the country with a next-day turnaround.

The Results: WEG Saved $40k in Hard Costs

Not only does Mimeo simplify WEG’s printing process, but by switching to a more agile printer, they save money, too. With their internal printer, they paid $60k per year in a lease, plus material costs per copy, which ended up being close to $80k annually.

By switching to Mimeo, WEG saves on both fixed and variable costs. Between saving on the printer lease, the cost of paper and ink, binding options, and shipping, Mimeo saved WEG $40k (and counting) in hard costs in their first year and a half after switching. 

“We check regularly to see how much we spent in print with Mimeo compared to what it would have been with our leased printer. Each month, we save 50% by using Mimeo. Honestly, switching to Mimeo is the best thing we ever did!” – Patricia Parker, Senior Marketing Analyst at WEG

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