Three Reasons to Become Scrum Master Certified

Named the hottest job of 2017, scrum masters are becoming an integral part of any team. Learn the benefits of becoming certified here!

Published on 4 May, 2018 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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Scrum Master was one of LinkedIn’s “hottest” jobs in 2017, with a reported median base salary of $100,000. As more and more businesses start to understand the benefits of agile working practices, qualified scrum masters are finding themselves highly in demand.

Scrum is just one of a range of agile working methodologies, but its focus on a quality end product through efficient, iterative development makes it both a hugely popular and impactful. But what, exactly, does a scrum master do, and why might you consider seeking a qualification as one?

The Role of a Scrum Master

Scrum is a relatively simply agile framework, with a heavy emphasis on teamwork and communication. This allows for the rapid implementation of changes and the development of products that are top of the line even after a long development process.

A scrum team usually organizes itself and works in a series of intensely focused “sprints” punctuated by meetings. While a Scrum Master Certified What Is It Scrum Masterscrum team has no official leader, it does rely on the scrum master to organize meetings, keep everyone focused and ensure that each member of the team is getting the most out of the agile framework.

As well as overseeing meetings and liaising with the project owner (who represents the needs of the business and customers in the development process) the scrum master also takes on the role of the team coach. They are responsible for keeping the team motivated, being aware of strengths and weaknesses, and dealing with any issues that arise in order to keep everyone on track.

With the need to keep all these complex requirements in balance, it can be a demanding role to take on — but it’s not without its benefits.

Reasons to Become Scrum Master Certified

1. It’ll Hone Your Teamwork Skills

Gaining a certification as a scrum master won’t just sharpen your technical skills, it’ll also make you into a better communicator, and give you a range of teamwork skills that you can use even in workplaces that haven’t yet adopted agile working practices.

If you are able to seek certification alongside your peers, the benefits are enhanced still further. By providing you with a common language and set of tools, scrum master certification and an awareness of scrum methodologies can skyrocket your productivity.

2. You’ll Be Part of a Community

Scrum Master Certified Community Building
When you achieve certification, you’ll join the ranks of a thriving community of scrum experts. carries a directory of scrum practitioners with whom you can network and share opportunities, and from whom you can seek advice and guidance to deepen your understanding of Scrum and other agile frameworks.

The learning process doesn’t end with certification. Like any similar working practice, scrum is constantly evolving and improving, and staying ahead of the game. This means staying in touch with peers and building a strong and dependable network for yourself and your workplace.

3. The Opportunities

With the popularity of scrum master as a role set to soar in coming years, qualified and certified scrum masters will be hugely in demand, and able to command competitive pay and positions with top companies.

Given its strong emphasis on teamwork and efficiency, scrum master certification will open doors even within companies that aren’t ready to adopt Scrum as a methodology just yet.

Even if you’re happy where you are, scrum master certification offers the opportunity to improve your workflow and practice and develop a new and more efficient environment in your place of work.

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