The Ultimate Guide to Training Your Tech Support Team

Training is necessary if businesses want to provide the best tech support in their sectors; let’s take a look at how to train these professionals.

Published on 9 December, 2015 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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Software developers, hardware manufacturers and their teams of customer service representatives know that innovation isn’t always accepted with open arms. Sometimes products and technologies are just too new or completely out of left field. Even though they accomplish a desired goal, some users just cannot comprehend how they work. On the other side of things, it’s common for the newest gadgets and apps to experience bugs and glitches or not work altogether.

This is where tech support comes in – especially at a time when consumers are either tech-savvy or completely uninterested in the inner workings of their devices. And this means that tech support must be up to par, or brands risk alienating a whole category of customers.

Training, therefore, is necessary if businesses want to be able to provide the best tech support in their sectors. And while this team might share some similarities with call center departments, there are a few specific factors that make tech support unique. So, let’s take a look at how to train tech support with these considerations in mind.

“Create concise cheat sheets to help tech support recall the specifics.”

Product-Specific Details
Tech support professionals are absolutely required to know each and every aspect of the product or service that they are helping users with. Getting these individuals to intimately know these items is as simple as letting them test drive the device or software, but that’s not all it takes to enable support teams to solve every problem. Concise cheat sheets can help tech support professionals recall the specifics about the product they are supporting during interactions.


Scripts should be designed to pinpoint the exact issue that a customer is having, and as a result, most tech support professionals will discover that many people have the same problem. So, why not provide employees with a list of frequently asked questions? This will help agents assist callers more quickly.

Create concise cheat sheets to help tech support recall the specifics

Supplemental Materials

There is no such thing as too much information, and this saying definitely applies to tech support training. Contributing to Business 2 Community, the company Com100 suggested providing employees with a wide array of educational resources. From granting access to how-to video links to leveraging online content platforms full of documents and files, tech support professionals must have a way to find solutions when managers or co-workers are unable to offer assistance. These tools will also act as supplementary materials post training.

Tool Training

While talking on the phone or answering chat messages might seem simple, most businesses use platforms that are unavailable to consumers so they can’t be upset that newly hired professionals are unfamiliar with them. ZenDesk’s blog recommended following up standard training sessions with some “intensive” platform or tool learning seminars. The key here is to provide printed manuals to go alongside the training, as these individuals can’t bring support software home at night.

Tech support might seem simple, but a lot of training is required to get employees up to speed on products, services, support tools and corporate policies. Online print services will be essential when creating training materials, and businesses should always consider how digital content platforms can assist in this regard as well.

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