Why You Should Simplify Document Management with the Cloud

Cloud-based programs allow individuals to create, store and distribute data as needed. Learn more about how document management services can help you.

Published on 15 July, 2015 | Last modified on 24 February, 2023
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Many businesses are utilizing cloud-based services for their document storage needs. These programs allow individuals to create, store and distribute data as needed. They provide convenience and security, which are both crucial for the success of a business.

Simplify document management
Most companies aim to automate their processes. One way to improve document management is to utilize apps that provide tools and services for content. Many of these programs help businesses “create, share and process information without servers, middleware or IT support,” CMS Wire reports. These models are often created to benefit mobile and remote workers.

An increasing number of companies are challenged by managing their volume of content. “As a result of that, people are printing more, especially as a percentage of the content [that they have],” Mike Feldman, president of large enterprise operations for Xerox Services, told CMS Wire. This is bringing the trend toward improving the digital environment by expediting critical processes. In order to optimize document management successfully, businesses need the right devices and technology.

“Businesses that use cloud-based tools are benefiting from their convenience.”

Expanding cloud services
Businesses that use cloud-based data management tools are benefiting from the convenience of an enterprise content management and collaboration platform. These programs allow individuals to create, manage and share content, with the security of the cloud. This also benefits mobile and remote users.

A key component of these platforms is security. This is due in part to the growing population of remote workers. In fact, the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation reports that, over the next five years, organizations will increasingly need a solution that supports this type of working style. A growing number of millennials are demanding flexible schedules with remote capabilities. It is estimated that this generation will account for approximately 75 percent of the global workforce by 2020, according to Information-Age.

To support both structured and unstructured processes on the cloud, IT departments will have to manage a variety of new mobile platforms. International Data Corporation projects digital content will grow 50-times its size between 2010 to 2020. Approximately 90 percent of this expansion of unstructured information will come from emails, documents and videos.

IT departments will have to manage a variety of new mobile platformsIT departments will have to manage a variety of new mobile platforms.

Intranets and social networks
IT departments will be required to create strategies for balancing the needs of the business and security risks. “Technologies that power the cloud are transforming data centers into hybrid architectures that consist of traditional enterprise, private, and public cloud environments that will co-exist for years to come,” CSO reports. As such, IT will have to work with compliance to institute a set of standard requirements for cloud application adoption.

The volume of documents and data held within enterprise content repositories will continue to grow. As this occurs, employees may notice traditional search and navigation techniques are not effective, as they can return too many of the wrong results. To prevent this, many organizations are adding social networks to their cloud-based data management systems.

These programs allow staff to tap into their coworkers’ knowledge for feedback on finding valuable content. These tools can also connect employees with members of their company who can help them interpret the content and apply it effectively.

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