6 Online Printing Videos To Make You a Mimeo Superstar

Watch these six videos to learn all the tricks and tips that will make you a Mimeo Superstar. Let us know what else you want to learn!

Published on 5 June, 2017 | Last modified on 30 May, 2023
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Last week, we hosted our first tutorial webinar, How to Be a Mimeo Superstar. Designed for someone who uses Mimeo, this webinar delved into the tips and tricks you might not know about Mimeo Print and Mimeo Marketplace that help you save time and produce better documents.

To make it easy to keep learning from this webinar, we created 6 short videos straight from the webinar. Catch up on what you missed by watching them all, or personalize your Mimeo training journey by jumping directly to the section you need to know. Here’s your full list:

How to Auto-Save and Update Preferences

Watch this video on updating your account preferences to learn how to set preferred shipping times, set your documents to black and white or color automatically, save print-to-edge settings, and turn on auto-save.


How to Share Files and More Library Tools

Watch this video for how to organize files in your library, set up archive files, and share files or documents with anyone else who has a Mimeo account.

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Hidden Gems while Building a Document

This 10-minute video will walk you through building a document in Mimeo, including hidden gems like changing paper stock on individual files, auto-inserting tabs, and getting a pop-up view of the full order of files.

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How to Use Express Checkout

Want a quick way to save time? Use express checkout. This video shows you how to use the fastest checkout option, plus how to change your payment options or add reference numbers to track orders.

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Troubleshoot Mimeo Document Errors in Document Properties

This video shows you how to get to Document Properties, where you can find out why your document is getting that red X. As a bonus, you can also get a shopping cart link to share with team members, so all they need to do is click to order your document.

Superstar Document Properties Video Thumbnail

How to Publish a Document to Marketplace 

Superstar Publish a Document in Marketplace Video

Marketplace admins and publishers will want to watch this video for tips on publishing a document to Marketplace, including bundling items together and adding customized documents.

How to Customize and Report in Your Marketplace

Watch this video to find out how to customize your branding, homepage, categories, and more in your company’s Marketplace storefront. Then learn how to create content utilization reports and manage groups.

Superstar Admin Settings Video Thumbnail

We hope that we save you time by sharing these tips and tricks!

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