Mimeo x Arlo: Seamless content delivery and course management

Managing all the moving parts that come with delivering training can be time consuming. What if there was a way you could save 1.5 hours per registration? 

Published on 20 May, 2024 | Last modified on 21 May, 2024
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Managing all the moving parts that come with delivering training can be time consuming. What if there was a way you could save 1.5 hours per registration? 

Today we’re excited to launch our collaboration with Arlo, a powerful course management platform for training providers, further strengthening our commitment to saving you time and delivering better training. 

Together, Mimeo and Arlo simplify the lives of training providers by streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing content delivery. Mimeo Digital provides content hosting, accessibility, and security. Paired with Arlo, you can manage registrations and automate content delivery for a seamless learner experience. 

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Meet our friends at Arlo 

Say goodbye to manual processes and messy spreadsheets. Our friends at Arlo offer purpose-built training management software that saves training providers time, helps them sell more courses, and enables them to deliver more effective training. 

Streamline course management, automate communications, and manage client records and reporting all in one powerful and easy-to-use system.

With Arlo you can: 

  • Streamline course administration – Effortlessly create courses, automate communications, and manage your training schedule & presenters across face-to-face, live-online, and blended learning.
  • Easily take registrations & payments – Automate the entire registration workflow with customizable forms, flexible payment options and smart invoicing. Leverage waitlists, discounts, and registration rules for private and public courses.
  • Drive results with real-time reporting & CRM – Manage client records, relationships and leads all in one place. Track course performance, build tailored reports and make informed decisions that drive growth.
  • Grow your business with a website built for training – Drive more traffic, optimize conversions and update your website in real time. Seamlessly integrate your website or use Arlo’s modern, out of the box solution.
  • Connect with the tools you love – Arlo integrates with all of your favorite providers, from eLearning, payments, accounting, marketing and more. Connect to your techstack or find new apps to improve your processes. 

Three common use cases: Before, during, and after a course 

Here are three common scenarios of using Mimeo Digital and Arlo together, demonstrating how you can deliver content seamlessly before, during, and after a course to create modern, engaging, and blended learning experiences for your students.

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  1. Pre-course materials

Make sure your students are prepared by automatically sending them an introduction video as part of the registration workflow. Simply load the video in Mimeo, create access keys for students, and add them to your Arlo automated email sequences. With Mimeo Digital you can control who can access your content, and for how long, as well as seeing who opens and engages with the content. 

  1. Engaging workbook experience

Give your students access to your course workbook and ensure they are always looking at the latest version. This is great for interactive and multi-session courses where the instructor updates the workbook as the course progresses. Students can also add notes, comments and annotations in real-time to increase engagement and peer learning. Everyone has their own login, helping you better manage access and monitor interactions. 

To set this up, simply schedule an automated email before the course starts that includes a link to the workbook along with any other additional instructions.

  1. Resources for knowledge reinforcement

After the course is completed, send your class the key takeaways and/or guide that they can use to apply their learnings in the real world/outside of the classroom. 

With Arlo providing a full list of course attendees, it’s simple to select a list and send a one off follow-up email that will include key takeaways, and next steps for your students. Your content will be protected with built-in copyright coloring and branding that automatically applies when you make it available.

Bonus: Powerful insights into your classroom and content performance 

Once your course has completed, jump into Mimeo Digital and get an entire breakdown of content activity. See what content had the most views, opens or clicks by individual student, providing a comprehensive view into engagement and student performance, aiding you to make calculated improvements to the material you provide.

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How to get set up

  1. Set up your Arlo platform

Head over to the Arlo website to start a 14-day free trial. To get the most out of our integration with Arlo, consider booking a 1:1 demo with their expert team to help configure your account based on your specific business needs. For more extensive documentation visit their Help Center.

  1. Set up a course in Arlo

Follow Arlo’s in-app instructions to set up your first course. Choose your course type, enter course details, and get it online in minutes.

  1. Log in to Mimeo Digital, load your content, and set up distribution rules

Load content specific for each course and add it to a distribution ready to be shared ahead of time. Select sharing settings, you can create access keys students can access to control availability and security, or open it up and have anyone with the link access the content.

  1. Add links into Arlo’s automated emails 

Edit course emails and add in your course distribution link to be scheduled for automated delivery.

Bonus: Include links in one off email campaigns targeting specific lists

We’re excited to partner with Arlo, further strengthening our offering to instructor-led training providers. Grab a 14-day free trial today and see how they complement Mimeo Digital to create a powerful solution for streamlining your training.

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