A Guide to Training Without Internet Access

Do you struggle with restricted internet access at client delivery sites? Here are 3 suggestions for how to get around a lack of internet in training.

Published on 18 August, 2016 | Last modified on 16 May, 2023
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One major obstacle many trainers face when running a session for financial services clients is restricted internet access — both from a lack of external connectivity and from restricted bandwidth — and having to complete a training without internet. Since the financial world is so heavily regulated (with a special focus on cybersecurity these days), many institutions have very conservative rules about who can use their internet connection and when. All too often, third-party trainers like you can’t connect and must run their training without internet access.

So, what to do when you can’t use the internet at a training client’s location? We’ve got some ideas:

Be Prepared When Training Without Internet Access

Fall Back to the Old Classics

Back in the old days, all training was done without having internet access.

The most obvious solution is to bring materials to your class or seminar that does not require the internet: print! Not only will printing workbooks, manuals, and presentation materials reduce your need to have internet access, but it will also help your audience retain the information better. Studies show that when people have access to a pen and paper while learning new materials, their understanding of the information and retention of it is higher than if they were taking notes digitally.

But don’t worry — printing your materials doesn’t need to be expensive, labor-intensive, or time-sensitive. Online, on demand printers make it easy to proof, print, and ship everything you need directly to the location of your internet-less training location or presentation meeting. Mimeo simplifies the process even more with upfront pricing and on demand printing, so you can order exactly what you need, without being penalized for not meeting a minimum order size. Plus, printed materials can be delivered as early as 8 AM the next morning, almost anywhere in the world, if you order them by 10 PM EST.

Another classic tip when training without internet: build your class around activities that get the group working together so that it is less about the presentation materials and more about interaction. For ideas on how to create a more holistic class, check out this on demand webinar, “How to Deliver Valuable E-Content.

Come Prepared

Of course, not every training class can be group work and games. Especially in financial services, a lot of topics require presentations and other materials. Yet oftentimes, institutions not only restrict internet access but also don’t allow software or documents to be downloaded to their systems. When this is the case, make sure you have everything saved onto your computer or a flash drive (although be sure to check with the institution because sometimes outside flash drives are also flagged) and print hard copies for your learners.

Use An Offline App When Training Without Internet

The best solution when training without internet is to invest in a content distribution platform that allows you and your learners to work both online and offline. For example, using Mimeo Digital you can upload any piece of content (including Articulate and Captivate files) and distribute to your learners ahead of time. Then, using the Mimeo Digital app, everyone in the class can access the materials digitally even when they are offline.

Although it is always a pain to be cut off from the internet, it is not necessarily the kiss of death for your training course. With these options, you can deliver a modern, engaging course even when the Wi-Fi is turned off.

Transitioning To Blended L&D Content

Looking for a digital solution that allows learners to access protected content, offline? Trying to incorporate printed materials with eContent for a blended curriculum? Download our free ebook, Transitioning to Blended L&D Content!

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