How Creating Effective Booklets Can Grow Your Business

How Creating An Effective Booklet Can Grow Your Business

Effective booklets are an untapped resource for marketing. These print materials are important for selling products and services, especially because they serve as an information-rich and visually appealing sales platform. Furthermore, these bite-sized pamphlets are easy to distribute at expos or community events, littered with key details about your company services.

To boot, booklets offer your company an opportunity to step into the spotlight with a series of pages dedicated solely to your products and services, without having to break the bank.

As Design Hill notes, “Small startups and SMEs hardly have a budget dedicated for marketing their products and services. They need to circulate their branding efforts on a tight budget. As compared to online marketing tools, brochures are cost-effective marketing options.”

Sound like the kind of thing your company needs? Here are 5 tips you should keep in mind when creating an effective booklet for your business:

Paper Quality

The quality of your paper, whether it be for a booklet or a business card, conveys the professionalism of your business. A limp piece of computer paper folded into sections is much less appealing than a sturdy product that has been professionally printed. Translate your professionalism wordlessly through your paper choices. Booklet printing options by leading print service providers will often provide a variety of paper options. Pick a product with durability that can withstand a reasonable amount of handling.

Know Your Audience and End Goal

As with any good material, there should be some level of strategizing before creating your content. Business leaders should pay particular attention to their audiences as it can help determine where and how you will distribute this material. Start by asking questions like:

  • Should your material be shared digitally over social media platforms in conjunction with physical handouts?
  • Can your company target community events strictly with paper booklets?
  • Are you trying to attract new investors or new customers?
  • Are you displaying new products or explaining old ones?

The answers to these questions will largely determine your content.

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Digital Options

Companies would be smart to research online printing services when it comes to its booklet needs. The process of locating a store location and then going over each detail of the design can be time-consuming and unnecessary. Many online printing companies allow businesses the space to design its booklets as they please. This has the benefit of allowing you freedom in the creative process while retaining the security of having a print professional review the product before the printing process begins. You can obtain quality in a non-time-restricting manner. Additionally, the product can be saved digitally for future retrieval and re-ordering.

Get Creative

Creativity is key for any content. You want to draw your audience in with the unique presentation of your material. Effective booklets don’t need to be designed in a standard fashion. Companies can get creative with the design tactics. Own a pizza shop? Try printing your booklet in a triangular pizza shape. Specialize in real estate? Make your booklet take the shape of a house. These options may cost a little extra but can ultimately be worth the investment.

Delivery Demand

It is always important to factor in your time frame when creating an effective booklets and choosing a service provider. Some companies can take 3-4 days for delivery, others offer overnight printing options. When you make a last-minute decision to utilize these materials, these delivery options can be crucial. The faster the delivery the better in most cases, so try to choose printing companies that offer overnight prints, even if your initial demand doesn’t call for this delivery speed.

Moreover, leading online printing services offer businesses the option to print a customized number of materials. This way, your business is getting only what you need, sparing you from the problem of wasting paper and money. Let your content shine with Mimeo’s superior color booklet printing, perfect saddle-stitch binding and high-quality paper stocks.

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