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How Tos For Users

Add Multiple Files to One Document (Mimeo Print)

Since we know business documents are rarely straightforward, we designed our building process to make it easy to create custom, complex bound documents. For example, you can create a spiral notebook with a colored cover and colored graphs, but everything else in black and white. The key to doing this in Mimeo Print is to […]

Best Practices for Organizing Your Library (Mimeo Print)

When it comes to organizing, everyone has their own style. Maybe you like to keep a record of every file you’ve ever used. Maybe you prefer to delete files as soon as they are obsolete. Here at Mimeo, our goal is to enable you to do your job smarter, no matter your organizational style.  That’s […]

Choosing the Right Mimeo Displays To Enhance Your Event (Mimeo Print)

Whether you’re looking for a poster to put outside your training classroom, a visual merchandising solution, or displays for your next event, Mimeo is your one-stop shop. Incorporate signage into your upcoming training, promotions or events. For example, create a unique event space or place individually throughout a store floor or training space. The One-Stop […]

Do you have templates for document design? (Mimeo Print)

If you need to jump-start your design or your content isn’t fitting within the folds or cut lines, download these document templates. They provide guidelines and dimensions for your layout, in either PDF or MS Word format. US Sizes (Letter 8.5″x11″) Portrait Orientation Document Templates (Letter Size) Product Single Sheet/Flyer (8.5″x11″ Finished Size) – PDF […]

Does Mimeo produce and distribute non-print items? (Mimeo Print)

Yes! Mimeo works with a network of trusted partners to produce non-paper items. These items can be warehoused, on-site, by Mimeo. All warehoused items can be bundled, kitted, and shipped with documents, further minimizing related shipping costs. Additionally, Mimeo offers 1, 2 & 5-day CD and DVD duplication and 8-day CD & DVD replication services. […]

How do I change the email address associated with our account? (Mimeo Print)

When you need to update the email address associated with a Mimeo Print account, email with the current email address and the new email address. They’ll take it from there!

How do I change our corporate credit? (Mimeo Print)

For any questions about corporate credit, invoicing, or other billing issues, email  Be sure to include the email address associated with your account.

How do I modify or cancel an order? (Mimeo Print)

We understand that sometimes you change your mind after submitting your order. Maybe you ordered too many copies or not enough? No problem! Mimeo allows for the flexibility of canceling your order. How to Modify Your Order Once an order is submitted on Mimeo Print, the only way to modify it is to cancel it, make […]

How to Add Perforated Paper to Your Bound Document (Mimeo Print)

Let your end-user tear out your content for course evaluations, takeaways, and more. With Mimeo, it is easier than ever to add perforated paper to your bound documents. What is Perforation? Perforated paper is a page with pre-drilled holes that make it easy to tear out of a notebook, binder, or other bound document. Whether […]

How to Build a Booklet (Mimeo Print)

It’s easy to build booklets and saddle-stitch documents in Mimeo Print. Upload To begin, upload your files to your library. If you want some sections to be (Check out this article for help on uploading.) Mimeo Vocabulary:  “File” is the PDF you upload into our library. “Document” is the final product you build such as […]

How to Build a Perfect-Bound Document (Mimeo Print)

Mimeo Vocab A perfect-bound document is bound with a thermal adhesive that glues the papers together. Most paperback novels or soft-cover textbooks use perfect binding so that the cover wraps around the spine.  Perfect-Bound in Mimeo Mimeo offers perfect-binding for standard paper sizes: 8.5×11″ 7×9″ 5.5×8.5″ 6×9″ 7×9″ A4 A5 There are two ways to […]

How to Build a Poster (Mimeo Print)

Our goal is to make it easy for you to build posters in Mimeo Print. Watch this video and/or follow the steps below for building a standard poster. Upload Your Print-Ready Files The first step to building a document in Mimeo Print is to upload your print-ready files as PDFs.  For more help with uploading, […]

How to Build Brochures (Mimeo Print)

The first step to building a document in Mimeo Print is to upload your print-ready files as PDFs. Check out this article for more help on uploading. Once your file is uploaded, select brochures from the “Create Menu.” Choose here what kind of brochure you want.  In the first screen, you will choose which files […]

How to Build Flyers, Sell Sheets, and One Sheets (Mimeo Print)

The first step to building a document in Mimeo Print is to upload your print-ready files as PDFs. Check out this article for more help with uploading.  Mimeo Vocabulary:  “File” is the PDF you upload into our library. “Document” is the final product you build such as a binder, notebook, or booklet, which can be […]

How to Change Your Password (Mimeo Print)

After logging in, click on the circle in the upper right-hand corner of your screen that features your initials. Select “Account.”  Navigate to the tab “Change Password.”  Type in your current password. Then add your new password, and type it in again to confirm. Finally, hit save.  

How to Create a Document (Mimeo Print)

This article covers how to build a generic bound document in Mimeo Print. See the links below for building non-bound documents like brochures and posters. Upload To begin, upload your files to your library. (For more help on uploading, check out this article.)  Mimeo Vocabulary: “File” is the PDF you upload into our library. “Document” […]

How to Create Bundles and Kits (Mimeo Print)

When you want to design the content experience for your audience, use Mimeo’s bundles and kits to ship products together or in a specific order. In a bundle, you tell Mimeo to ship specific products together. For example, in a bundle, your recipient will always receive a training workbook and an evaluation sheet in the […]

How to Insert a Blank Page Into Your Document (Mimeo Print)

Sometimes, it’s not until you are building your document in real-time preview that you realize you need a blank page. Maybe you want to make sure a certain page prints on the cover. Maybe you need a new section to start on the right side of your document. Luckily, Mimeo now makes it easy for […]

How To Insert Tabs and Slip Sheets (Mimeo Print)

Tabs and slip sheets are a great way to divide your document into sections.  You can use tabs and slip sheets on any bound document, including spiral bound, presentations, and ring binders. Slip sheets are also available for stapled and loose pages. After uploading your file, you’ll be taken to the real-time proof to customize […]

How to Manage Your Warehoused Items (Mimeo Print)

One of the ways Mimeo saves you time is by warehousing your items and shipping them on-demand.  To order your warehoused item, begin by navigating to your library. All your warehoused items will be stored in your “Warehouse” folder. In this view, you can see the item name, the part number, and the quantity available.  […]

How to Restock Your Existing Inventory (Mimeo Print)

If you or your vendor are shipping inventory to replenish existing warehoused stock/materials, we make it easy to now create and print out a Mimeo packing slip. Please follow the steps below to generate the necessary packing slip.* 1. Log into your Mimeo Account 2. In your Warehouse folder, select the items you’d like to […]

How to Save High Quality Print from InDesign (Mimeo Print)

Here are our recommendations for saving a high-quality print file from InDesign. Don’t Forget Linked Fonts and Images It’s important to include all linked images and fonts used in the file. Like all high-end page layout programs, the fonts and images that are used in the file are externally “linked” to the InDesign file. When […]

How to Select a Non-Branded Packing Slip (Mimeo Print)

When you are shipping print materials to customers, you may want to ensure that everything down to the packing slips reflects your brand, not Mimeo’s. (Don’t worry – we’re happy to step out of the spotlight.) In Mimeo Print, it is now easy to make sure that all your shipments will have a non-branded packing […]

How to Upload a PDF (Mimeo Print)

The first step to building a document in Mimeo Print is to upload your print-ready files as PDFs. How to Upload From the homepage, simply click “Browse for files.” This will launch your file explorer to locate the PDFs on your computer.  You can select multiple files at a time from your Explorer. If you […]

Use the Mimeo Print Driver to Upload Files (Mimeo Print)

To build documents in Mimeo Print, first, you have to upload your files into your library. One option is to use the Mimeo Printer.  To begin, install Mimeo Printer on your computer. From the Mimeo homepage, select “Support” and find “Mimeo Printer” in the right-hand column. Then click “Download the Mimeo Printer” to install it […]

What is the average turnaround time on printed documents? (Mimeo Print)

At Mimeo, our custom algorithm and partnership with shippers like FedEx allow us to guarantee fast turnaround times. For standard bound documents, if you submit your document by 10 pm ET, we can deliver it the next morning in the US.  If you are building something more complex like perfect-bound documents, foam-core mounted posters, or […]

What paper stocks are available in Mimeo Print?

Depending on the document you create, we will offer you different paper stocks.  Each order is routed to a specific press in the Mimeo facilities depending on its document type. Our color presses accommodate different paper stocks than our black and white presses, and our custom-sized documents use different stocks altogether.  To change your paper […]

What skill level is needed to use Mimeo Print?

Mimeo Print is easy to use. You don’t have to be a tech genius to use our platform. Both simple and intuitive, Mimeo Print helps to streamline file upload, document building, proofing, and ordering in just a few clicks. Sign up for a FREE Mimeo Print account here.

Where can I find promo codes? (Mimeo Print)

This is the official list of live promo codes for Mimeo Print: If you have corporate pricing, we recommend against using coupons as your company’s pricing is already better than the promos.  Need help getting started with your print job? Check out this article. 

Why does my order say “Processing”? (Mimeo Print)

You placed your order last week with a 1-day turnaround for delivery tomorrow with ground shipping. So why does it still say “processing” in Order Status? Mimeo Vocab: Your Order Status will say “Processing” up until the shipping label is created. After that, it will be updated with your tracking number. When we receive a […]

Your Guide to Bindings (Mimeo Print)

When you are creating a print project, it’s important to choose the right kind of binding.  Questions to Consider Keep in mind how many pages will be included in your project and how your audience will use it. Are they toting it to and from a classroom? Make sure it will hold up in their […]

How to Use Special Instructions (Mimeo Print)

Since Mimeo specializes in making complex documents simple to produce, the standard real-time print builder is simplified to show basic options such as paper stock, binding type, and cover options.  But Mimeo has thousands of pre-built special instructions to further customize your document. This includes non-standard paper sizes, perfect binding, and more. To use a […]

How to Use Print-to-Edge (Mimeo Print)

Mimeo Vocab Full bleed printing means that the printer trims your paper so that your design takes up the entire space of the page with no white margins around the border. In Mimeo, we call that “Print-To-Edge.” Set Up Your File before Uploading In order to use Mimeo’s Print-to-Edge feature, you need to set up […]

How to Use Document Cloner for Faster Document Creation

Overview Document Cloner is perfect for when you need to create multiple documents that all have the same finishing options – such as binding, tabs, lamination, or paper stock – but with different content. After building your original document, you’ll simply select that document, tell us which print files you want to change in your […]

How to Upload to the Mimeo FTP Site

If you need to send Customer Service your files (instead of uploading them directly to your Print library), we ask that you upload them to our FTP site. Some other articles you may find helpful:

Mimeo’s App Switcher – How to Jump from One Mimeo App to Another

The Mimeo platform is powered by 4 main applications: Mimeo Print, Mimeo PrintX, Mimeo Marketplace, Mimeo Digital. Many of our customers use two or more of these apps for better content distribution.  Here’s how to switch from one Mimeo application to another: To jump from one application to another, simply find the grid in the […]

Mimeo’s Privacy Policy

We take your personal data privacy seriously. Read our full Privacy Policy below or on our website here., Inc. on behalf of itself and its subsidiary and affiliate companies (“Mimeo”, “We”, “Our”, “Us”) recognizes that your privacy and the protection of your personal information is important to you and is committed to protecting your […]

How to Save Your File as a PDF

To get started in Mimeo Print, your files have to be saved as PDFs. Here’s how to save your original Microsoft Office document as a PDF. Next, upload your PDF to Mimeo Print following these instructions. 

How to Place an Order to Multiple Recipients

There are times when document orders must be shipped to different recipients. One may be in New York, while another could be in San Francisco. With Mimeo, there is no need to place multiple orders. Instead, you can add multiple recipient addresses to one order. Here’s how to place an order with multiple recipients: 2. […]

Economy Color Ends December 31, 2019

As of December 31, 2019, the Economy Color offering will be discontinued. Why At Mimeo, we’re committed to designing our product roadmap based on customer feedback. When it comes to color offerings, we heard from you that Economy Color did not meet your needs: What This Means For You When building documents, you will now […]

New Features for 2019 (Mimeo Print, Mimeo Marketplace, Mimeo PrintX)

We’ve made some updates to our product offerings and features to make it even easier for you to Bring Your Content to Life:  Mimeo Print (On-Demand Print) New Paper Stocks New Ways to Stay Organized Mimeo Marketplace (Branded Storefront) More Control Over Your Products A Better Look for Your Brand Mimeo PrintX (In-Region Printing) New […]