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Branded Print Storefront

Mimeo Marketplace is a one-of-a-kind central portal for managing and distributing
all of your company’s print and digital materials

Your Brand, Your Store

Create a storefront in minutes that’s complete with branding, descriptions, and product reviews. You control everything from pricing and user access.

Product Management

You can give your audience–whether that’s employees, customers, or partners–the ability to access and order the company materials they need

Variable Data Printing

Personalize documents with names, contact information, and more. Variable data printing allows you to customize text, images, and logos.

Access Control

Choose to make your storefront open to the public or, like many of our training and consulting customers, require client logins to view materials. Your storefront can also be just for internal employees and partners.

Order Control

Control budgets and drive user behavior through ordering restrictions. Adjust the pricing of your materials to generate revenue from each order placed

Seemless Integration

Easily integrate our solution with your current system via SSO, API, and Punch-Out.

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Create and Control
with Mimeo Marketplace

Discover how fast and easy it is to build, proof and ship your materials on demand. Create and customise anything, from bound documents to photo-quality posters in just minutes.
How to Customize and Report in Your Marketplace


How to Customize and Report in Your Marketplace

Watch this video on Mimeo Marketplace admin settings for how to customize your branding,…
How to Order Customized Documents on Marketplace


How to Order Customized Documents on Marketplace

Customize and order docs from your organization’s Marketplace.
Watch this video for the secrets to publishing documents to Marketplace.


How to Publish a Document to Marketplace

Watch this video for the secrets to publishing documents to Marketplace.
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Mimeo Digital Mimeo Digital: The First Courseware Distribution Platform

Empower your learners, encourage collaboration, and deliver content in any format, to any device, anywhere in the world.
You keep control of the content while providing your end-users an easy, high-end virtual content experience.


Case Study

How CyberPatriot Saved Time And Labor with Marketplace

“Before Mimeo, my team wasted 5-10 hours per week managing print supplies. Switching to Mimeo saved us time, lowered prices, and increased revenue.” RACHEL ZIMMERMAN, Senior Director Business Operations, CyberPatriot

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Expand Your Businesses Printing Potential

Discover valuable insights that help your business thrive
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about our business services and platforms.

Mimeo Marketplace enables you to create a completely custom, branded storefront for shoppers. Additionally, Mimeo Marketplace can be white labeled at an additional cost, meaning that all Mimeo branding is removed, and the platform appears to be integrated with your own internal portals/platforms.

The way in which both platforms operate, however, are fully customizable through setting permissions, building a content repository, and establishing an address book.

Mimeo allows for customers to warehouse their items. Warehousing occurs at our production facilities. These items can be pulled and placed into shipments of printed items. These items can be kitted, bundled, and shipped with other print, or nonprint items.

Variable data printing (VDP) is a digital, on-demand printing option that enables you to customize document elements, such as text, graphics, and images, from one printed piece to the next. VDP is a practical tool for businesses who would like to personalize direct mail marketing to each individual recipient’s name, location, past purchases, and other unique information.

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