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Three platforms to easily distribute your content. Mimeo supports you with online, on demand document management, printing, and distribution.

What do the Mimeo platforms offer?

Mimeo's three platforms offer flexible solutions. Simplify your print and digital content processes and reach your target audience at the right time in the right place. The Mimeo platforms offer you solutions to store and manage your content and send them to others in printed or digital form quickly and easily.

Optimised resource planning thanks to Mimeo

You no longer have to print your documents in large quantities that become obsolete after a certain period of time. Mimeo offers you a central storage location for your documents, where you can keep them up to date together with other users and print them online on demand and have them sent to various destinations worldwide. We take care of the printing and all the logistics for you. All documents can be delivered to different destinations at the scheduled time without you having to repack and forward the items – Mimeo takes care of all that for you. Repeat orders can be placed at any time, even overnight. This saves you time in organising, assembling and distributing documents.

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    With the Mimeo solutions, you have everything clearly in view: you manage your documents, the orders and track all steps from production to delivery. You also have a permanent overview of all costs.

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    In addition, we also offer solutions for the purely digital distribution of documents as well as a platform with which you can design your own online shop.

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    The use of our platforms also includes services: our experts take a closer look at your existing processes and work with you to uncover efficiency potential.

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    We then implement easier ways and solutions for you to manage and distribute your documents.

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    Many processes can be automated with Mimeo solutions – saving you internal effort, time and costs. And that applies to all print jobs worldwide.

What do you need to use Mimeo?

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Setting up a Mimeo account is free of charge. Costs are only incurred when you (or your users) place orders.

We already support the following departments in other companies

Marketing, Sales, Training, Learning & Development, Technical Documentation, Purchasing, IT, Human Resources.

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