Marketplace / FAQ’s


Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about Mimeo Marketplace and answers from our expert team.

There may be nominal setup fees that will be included in the real time quote for clarity. Based on the size of the order, these fees can be discounted or potentially provided at no cost tied to a customer commitment.

Mimeo allows for customers to warehouse their items. Warehousing occurs at our production facilities. These items can be pulled and placed into shipments of printed items. These items can be kitted, bundled, and shipped with other print, or nonprint items.

Mimeo Marketplace is a central portal for all your print and digital content. Create your own corporate storefront where your team members and external partners can order approved materials, branded merchandise, templates, business cards, and much more.

Yes. You can have one or multiple administrators, and provide full level administration and secondary level administration.

Your administrator(s) set permissions in place for those accessing your content and materials in Marketplace. You are able to control what content users can view, who can share, and limit who cannot.

Full level administrators can change Marketplace settings. They can enable or disable account credit, order specifications, and even documents on specific accounts. Secondary administrators are able to publish content.

Your administrator can add as many or as few shoppers as you want. This can be a small defined group, or to the public. There is no limit to the number of shoppers.