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Print Process Optimisation for L&D Managers

Working in L&D role: How to manage your training materials print and distribution in an easy way This whitepaper has been designed to give you ideas how to optimise document creation and distribution-related processes when working on your training preparation. During training preparations numerous manuals, scripts or other materials often need to be updated with […]

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Top 10 Things to Consider When Delivering Training Content Digitally

We’ll show you how to replicate the benefits of your instructor-led training programme into a digital environment and how you can effectively reach and engage with your on-the-go learners. This toolkit will teach you how to: Create an easy digital learner experience Avoid trapping content (and yourself) Quantify training effectiveness with different report types Securely […]

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Software Company – Mimeo Case Study

Learn how Mimeo helps a major software company provide business intelligence solutions to enterprise organizations.

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Securing Training Content Print & Digital with Mimeo

For The Modeling Agency, learner engagement is critical in the delivery of effective training to ensure customer success.

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Medical Device Manufacturer Improves Distribution with Mimeo

Mimeo Marketplace simplified how a medical device manufacturer’s sales reps order their printed materials through a custom branded online storefront.

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Insurance Company – Mimeo Case Study

An insurance company’s proposal team replaced a time intensive, internal process, with Mimeo.

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How Elite Academy Charter School Supports Remote Learners

Find out how Mimeo enabled a school to deliver customized print curriculum to students and empowered it to grow with high-quality marketing materials.

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DMA – Scale Demand Generation Programs with Easier Events

By partnering with Mimeo for on-demand printing, Michele Gebrayel was able to scale from 3 to 40 annual events. Learn how she did it.

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Biotech Company – Mimeo Case Study

Discover how Mimeo empowered a leading biotech company to deliver impactful literature, on demand to support global needs.

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A Branded Digital Learner Experience with Mimeo

Read this case study to see how Mimeo helped The Modeling Agency provide its learners with an intuitive training experience.

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Worldwide Express – Mimeo Case Study

Worldwide Express replaced their printing provider with Mimeo’s online tools to assemble, print, manage and distribute training to their sales force.

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The E-Learning Roadmap with Mimeo

Check out this infographic on how Mimeo Digital compares with learning management systems for distributing e-learning.

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