Biotech Company - Mimeo Case Study

Discover how Mimeo empowered a leading biotech company to deliver impactful literature, on demand to support global needs.

Biotech Company – Mimeo Case Study

Discover how Mimeo empowered a leading biotech company to deliver impactful literature, on demand to support global needs.


Marketing Operations and Procurement were challenged with supporting their Marketing, Sales, Training, and Corporate literature needs.

They first attempted to simplify and centralize their content fulfillment process, which included a “cheap ecommerce system” that gave their sales team an easy way to order. This was functional, but as they continued to grow– sped through acquisition– it became harder to scale to meet the demands of their business.

In order to meet demand, a small Marketing Operations team juggled 10+ print and warehousing vendors. Balancing vendors, working around a long time-to-market, international logistics, manual order entry/processing, reporting and billing, and high costs became too difficult to handle.


Marketing Operations and Procurement partnered to evaluate potential solutions. Mimeo was selected to become the “sole source printing and print logistics provider.” The Mimeo technology advantage combined with comprehensive service and global reach made it a “no brainer.”

Mimeo’s consultative approach includes access to a dedicated, experienced account management team. Marketing Operations is able to work with a team that gives informed suggestions, best practices, and creative options to meet their business objectives.


A reliable and simplified single-source solution with Mimeo empowers Marketing Operations and Procurement to ensure impactful literature is available and delivered globally to support the businesses’ needs.

  • Immediate 20% hard cost savings across the organization’s entire print spend
  • End-to-end transparency and insight
  • Shorter time to market: 38 → 8 days
  • Reduced 10+ vendors to a single provider Mimeo
  • 100% online ordering integration (no manual entering)
  • Easy ordering experience for employees and distributors
  • Visibility into specific, detailed ordering and fulfillment reports
  • Scalability to meet global growth through acquisition
  • Global brand consistency and quality

Global Access: 1100+ employees and distributors access a centralized, branded online storefront for ordering the latest support literature based on established permissions.

In-Field Sales Support: Employees are able to manage the latest sales collateral from anywhere.

Brochures | Product Catalogs | Journal Articles | Case Studies | Posters | Surgical Techniques | Reference Guides | Sell Sheets | Flyers | Folders | VAC (Value Analysis Committee) Packets | Reimbursement Documents | Stickers | Labels | Sizing Guides | X-Ray Templates | Patient Documents | Cards | Competitive Documents | Price Lists | Clinical Summaries | IFUs (Instructions for Use) | Letters | Stationary | Business Cards | Training Documents | Promotional Items


A Global Biotech Company with 5,000+ employees specializes in providing surgical instruments for their clients. Success requires they have high-quality marketing literature easily accessible by their sales reps, distributors, and OEMs.

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